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Know more about Clothing: Jubba

What is Jubba?

Jubba looks like ‘kaftan’ stitched with long sleeves and ankle-length. Around 80% of people wear Jubba in the middle east. Every country chooses its wearing style depending on its tradition, culture, customs, and local weather. They also look for their comfort and beauty when wearing them. Men Jubba is the most common culture of ‘Arabs’ because it is easy to fight with harsh weather and tropics with Jubba.  Jubba is usually made up of white sheep wool or spun silk.

Styles of Jubba:

People wear Jubba in different styles. Just a little difference in stitching and design make them look unique from each other. 

A long dress with long sleeves attracts other people. The long sleeves of Jubba can also be decorated with golden or red thin red beautiful lines. Jubba is not only casual wear but people wear it in marriage ceremonies and other important gatherings.

Mostly, people wear ‘Gutrah’ with Jubba. Gutrah is considered as a male headscarf. In other countries, Gutrah is also known as ‘kefiyah’, ‘Kufiyah’, and ‘Shemagh’. And over ‘Gutrah’  they wear agal (black band), it is also known as ‘egal’ or ‘igal’. 

Wearing Jubba represents values and culture:

Our Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) has advised us to wear modest clothes that cover up the whole body. It is forbidden to wear a dress that left the uncover. In this way, Jubba covers up the whole body and meets the requirements of wearing. Muslims love to wear this type of dress because with fulfilling values, it also beautifies the outer look. 

Different colors of Jubba:

Mostly, White color is common in Jubba dress. Now, there is a variety of colors available in Jubba.

Jubba in other countries:

Jubba is also becoming famous in other countries. In Uk, Muslims are promoting wearing Jubbas. It represents the Muslim community there. When they gather for their ceremonies, they used to wear modest dresses including Jubba.

Why people prefer wearing Jubba?

  • Covering themselves: the first important purpose behind wearing any dress is to cover the body properly. If a dress is not enough to cover the whole body, then it is not even considered a ‘dress’. A lot of people prefer wearing Jubba because in this way they can easily cover themselves. To avoid un- dresses, Jubba helps a lot in meeting values.
  • Avoiding Sins: It is not easy to avoid sins at this age. Jubba is a stylish dress that can help you to avoid sin because it never attracts the opposite sex for sin.
  • Enhancing Beauty: Jubba is the dress that not only covers the body but also beautifies the outer look of a person.
  • Self-Expression: Clothes are the way to express yourself, to express who you are and what your thoughts are. This depends on how you wear Jubba and how you carry it.
  • Good Message: It gives a good message to other people. It attracts them and encourages them to wear modest and beautiful clothes.
  • Representation of tradition: It represents the Arab tradition.

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