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5 Tips from a New Mom on How to Organize Baby Clothes

As a new mom, you have to deal with millions of things. There are several challenges that arise once a newborn baby comes into your life. You have to adjust your schedule according to your baby’s eating & sleeping habits. Also, you have to make sure that your newborn’s clothes are organized and arranged in a manner that helps you save time.

Keeping your newborn’s clothes in an organized way will reduce the clutter and make it easy for you to find things. If you have recently become a parent, finding it difficult to arrange those tiny clothes, here are a few tips for you.

Keep routine use items close by

In the initial phase, your baby grows quite quickly. So, it’s better to keep the current size clothes in close proximity to the changing table. It will help you access the clothes and accessories, thus saving your time.

Utilize size organizers

One of the best ways to arrange your kid’s clothes is to utilize size organizers to segment the clothes on the basis of size and age. Sorting this way will make it easy to find clothes and ensure that you don’t misplace them.

Use door organizers

There is a wide variety of door organizers you can choose from. Right from shoe racks to pocket organizers, you have the freedom to select from a wide array of door organizers that perfectly fit your door. Make sure to utilize every inch of your space while arranging your baby’s clothes.

Drawer dividers

Use drawer dividers to store burp clothes, towels, etc. Additionally, you can also use them to keep small things. There are several ways you can use drawers to arrange items based on size, age, color etc.

Space bags

Got super bulky items like coats and blankets? Space bags are the best way to store such items. Put blankets and overcoats in the space bag and suck the air out with the help of a vacuum.

Arrange on the basis of the item category

Organize your newborn’s clothes according to item type. You can store short sleeves and long sleeves apparel in different sections to grab the clothes when required. On a summer day, you can take out short sleeve stuff. If it is a winter day, you can grab long-sleeve onesies.

Keep a hamper in proximity to changing table

Keeping a hamper close to the changing table will allow you to put the dirty clothes directly into the laundry basket. In addition, keeping everything within your reach will make it easy for you to access things whenever you need them.

Use clothes pins

Avoid spending too much time on buying cloth hangers. Instead, you can buy clothes pins to arrange two-piece clothes.

Baskets & boxes

When you stack all the clothes in the cupboard, it becomes daunting to find the matching pair. That’s when you can use boxes and baskets. These baskets are divided into small segments so you can use them to store your baby’s clothes. Further, you can use them to store any clothing and accessories.

Discard stained clothes

You would definitely not want your baby to wear stained or ripped clothes. So, it’s good to discard any such clothes to free up space.

With these tips and tricks you can easily arrange your baby’s clothes. Although it’s impossible to use all these tricks, it’s good to choose the ones that suit you the best. Effectively organizing your baby’s clothes will allow you to spend more time with your baby.

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