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How To Style The Ethnic Kurta For A Chic Look

Wearing a kurta always represents a chic look. Indian men always find kurta’s as their go-to staple clothing piece for any ceremonial event, weddings, parties, or for any festival. 

Men tend to prefer simple clothing even for such events such as bootcut jeans men, solid shirts, or printed shirts, trousers, etc. But a kurta is something you can never go wrong with.

Kurta is worn worldwide as it is comfortable and at the same time it is elegant and stylish. 

Indians find kurta really comfortable. They also wear them as night wear. Kurta represents the culture of India and how elegant this piece of clothing can make you look.

This comfortable piece of clothing can be extravagant or can be designer, whatever you prefer it will give you a chic look only. Below are some prints you need to know while buying a kurta.

5 Ethnic Kurta, You Must Have:

1. Embroidered kurta: 

These stylish kurta for men are trending like crazy for men these days. From Lucknowi chikankari to mirror work to block print and so much more. These look so classy on men, giving them a chic look.  These kurtas are ideal for both daytime and evening events.

2. Floral print kurta:

Floral prints are really in vogue these days, and these prints are as well used in kurtas. You can wear this print kurta for a daytime event teaming up with a light colored churidar. Go for colors such as mustard, blue, green, red, etc.

4. Bandhani printed kurta:

This print is worn during Gangaur festival in Rajasthan. 

The process is done using a tie-dyeing method, in the western parts of India. The lehriya print is also a part of bandhani print.

5. Block rogan print:

One of the ancient ways of printing on clothes. This print is done using natural processes. Definitely a print that every Indian wardrobe requires.

We spoke about the prints but when it comes to styling a kurta for an ethnic wear we often make silly mistakes. Below are some tips to ensure the perfect chic look. 

Some Suggestions To Style Your Ethnic Kurta: 

1. Layering up:

Layering never goes wrong. If you are not happy with your simple kurta, make it elegant by simply adding on a jacket to it. Nehru jackets are the perfect piece for layering your plain kurta and will help you create a more chic look. If the option of a nehru jacket lacks some how. Go with your structured blazer over your kurta and you are good to go. 

2. Level it up:

Simply elevate your kurta with an embroidered  shawl or dupatta. Varieties of shoal are available for men in the market these days. This look will not only elevate your ethnic wear but will definitely give you bollywood vibes. Imagine wearing a kurta over a churidar and levelling it up with an embroidered  shawl or dupatta, and honestly you will look so chic.

3. Keep it as casual as you can:

Don’t compromise with your comfort. Style your kurta with a pair of jeans along with sneakers just to stay comfortable throughout the day. If you think pairing up with sneakers is too courageous , please simply go with formal footwear. 

4. Go bold:

Create your own fashion statement. Simply go for dhotis, churidars, brocade or velvet pants. This will give you such a chic look. Perfect for so many Indian events. You can opt for footwear such as mojaris, brogues or any formal footwear. 

Creating bold styles will mark your impression everywhere you go. But let it be a positive one, play with colors beautifully in order to achieve your bold ethnic look.

5. Fit’in 

What is the use of you spending so much of your time, money, energy in the gym if you cannot flaunt away your body? Having a well fitted kurta which suits your physique is really important. If you are slimmer go for tight fitting kurtas, but if you are heavier opt for loosely fitting kurtas. 

6. Color to look after:

While designing a kurta it is really important to see the time you will wear that kurta, in the morning or evening. Go with light pastel colors for the morning  event. And with bold volos such as black, blue, brown for any evening event.  

Also the color of your kurta should match your ringtone. If you are pale you cannot wear pastel clothes it will simply wash off your entire look. Know your skin tone, manipulate with the colors that go well with your skin tone and you are good to go.

7. Completing the look with accessories: 

Accessories do play an important role in enhancing your entire look. Go with a minimal necklace, or pearl mala if the event is really that grand. Simply wear a watch or a brooch if your kurta seems to be too plain. Cufflinks do really work out sometimes for creating a chic look.

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