groom Women eyebrows

What is your best advice on how to groom Women’s eyebrows?

In the current fashion trends, there is nothing as distracting as unruly eyebrows. Nowadays, how good looking brows are considered as one of the biggest trends.

What to do to make sure that your eyebrows are looking perfect? During eyebrow shaping keep in mind to turn heads to experts and trim them from regularly to ensure they stay clean and groomed.

Eyebrow shaping can be quite tricky because of having thick eyebrows look more unruly. Eyebrows can be delicate to groom. Doing it correctly and having well-groomed and charming eyebrows can make a significant difference to your look.

Ready to get perfect eyebrow shaping?

Let your eyebrows perfectly grow.

Too-thin eyebrows are out of trend right now, so before getting them trimmed, let them grow out properly. Experts counsel a growth period of one to two months before you start out tweezing.

Use the right tools for trimming.

Generally, experts use various tools such as a spoolie brush, pair of tweezers, eyebrow scissors, etc. Spoolie brush is useful to comb the brow hairs and tame them. Sweeping in the direction of natural hair growth will make trimming easy.

A pair of eyebrow scissors with ultra-straight blades is required. It’ll let you accurately trim away long brow hairs. Tweezers can be useful to pluck them away and clean the edges of your eyebrows.

Map out eyebrow shape

Before getting trimmed eyebrows, it is suggested to have an idea of how you would like them to be shaped.

Mark the points from where you would like your eyebrows to start and end for the easiness of the trimming process.

After marking that point accurately, turn the marker to the outside of your iris. That’ll work as the arch of your eyebrow. Swing the marker to find the end spot.

Start with slow snips.

It’s a better way to trim eyebrows with slow and careful snips. It is the best way to keep away from making a resolute mistake.

Start brushing the brow hair with the spoolie brush and ensure to use an upward movement. Then use brow scissors to trim a small amount from the top and leave the natural shape unscathed. Continue brushing your eyebrows in the direction of the growth and cutting the overly long chunks.

Eyebrow Plucking

Directly plucking your brow hairs can hurt your skin, so it’s best to massage with oil on your brow bone before plucking your brow hairs.

It keeps your skin and hair lubricated and prevents hair wreckage. It also prevents your skin from irritating skin, redness after a tweezing session.

Clean up remaining hair

To get a painless tweeze in the direction of hair growth while holding your skin taut. Pluck the hair and make sure to stop every once while reevaluating 

You can use a magnifying mirror while tweezing to get a closer look. Don’t forget to go a few steps back and take a look in a normal mirror to make sure how your eyebrow shape looks.

Fill in sparse spots.

After trimming, calm your irritation skin by your favorite soothing gel. Now you can perfect them by filling in sparse patches with your favorite brow pencil and brush them with a spoolie to blend them for finishing touch.

To get a professional eyebrow shaping service, book an appointment with brow experts. The specialist can help you to trim your eyebrows and create an attractive shape.

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