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Hairdoo Clone: The Guide To Booking Service Via Website

Run your own successful salon business by launching the world’s most robust pre-built, white-labeled apps. But every smartphone user wants to build only apps. What about those who don’t have one? Can’t they book a salon appointment or at-home services? Well, you said it, and eSiteWorld heard it. Purchasing our package means you will get a complete script for a smart hairdoo clone app, web panels, and even a website through which people can book appointments. 

haircare on-demand app


Step 1: Login or Register 

Open the website on your laptop or PC. If you have already registered once, then login into your account by entering your phone number or email address and password. However, if you are using the platform for the first time, start by registering on it. Enter the below information: 

  • Email ID
  • Password 
  • Referral code (if you have)
  • Name 
  • Country
  • Phone number 
  • Preferred language 

And lastly, complete the captcha. Promise it’s just a one-time thing only! 

Step 2: Select the service 

Once you land on the main page Hairdoo clone website, add your address where you want to get the service done and select the services. Apply the discount coupon if you have one and continue to select the date and time you prefer. 

Step 3: Select the date and time you want 

In this step, click on the button that says ‘Select Date/Time’. A calendar sort of format will appear on the screen from where you can choose your preferred time.  Once you choose the date and time, a long list of hairstylists will appear on the screen. Now, these are the ones who are available near your location and at the date/time you have selected. 

Click on the ‘Assign’ button if you are all happy with their experience, ratings, reviews, and portfolio! 

Step 4: Invoice 

Now that you have selected all the services, and added them to the cart, it’s time to review your order. On the checkout page, you can view the services that you have selected, the name of the hairstylist booked, the time, location, and the date. 

Step 5: Payment option on  Hairdoo clone website

Well, the only payment option available on booking services from the website is cash! However, if the customer is booking them from the app, only then the online payment option of credit card and in-app wallet will be available!


  1. Choose the preferred language 

As soon as you enter the website to book a hairstylist, you will see the option to choose your preferred language. 

Depending on the countries the app is available in, languages will be displayed for selection. Here is an example:

  • Malay 
  • Spanish Arabic
  • Vietnamese 
  • Thai 
  • French 
  • Portuguese 
  1. User wallet 

The users can keep a tab on all their payment histories from the website itself. The user has to go to the ‘My Wallet’ section on the website. On the page, the users can search their transaction by date as well or by count. They can also see the total current balance as well! 


Planning to purchase the hairdoo clone app? Get it from only the globally reputed white-labeling firms such as the eSiteWorld. They have been doing this for about a decade now. That is, they have been building the app, updating them, rebranding, and white-labeling them for 10 years now! 

So, what do you think about trying their FREE demo app?

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