How Serial Artists Can Get Free Samples?

Many online fashion stores are willing to send out coupons or even free stuff to keep their customers happy. All you have to do is ask!

  1. Search for businesses who are giving free stuff to celebrities/artists/influencers
  2. Contact them via email or Direct Messages.
  3. Check online communities for eg. Face book groups or Instagram business pages to find free collaborations.
  4. Ask for the sample product from the store which has good a reputation and previous history or sponsoring
  5. Provider your manager’s or office address for parcel delivery
  6. Use only your official account to get in touch with stores
  7. Take a proper survey before you provide your personal information to store owners for eg. Address or phone number
  8. Make a clear point of how you are going to reward them for the stuff you are getting. For eg. Tagging in your stories, posting pictures, making short videos on their brands, etc

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  1. Get app/store/website links from the store. It will be easy for your followers to reach them once you promote them online.
  2. Mention coupon codes (if the store provides any) and let your follower know how they can benefit.
  3. Before promoting their store, make sure you follow them on social media, to build trust for your followers (who are eventually turning into store customers)

There are two types of sponsoring stores generally offer.

  1. Free: In this kind of sponsorship, you can use the stuff from the store and simply tag them wherever you can. 

You need not return the product to the store once you get the product.

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Make sure to review the product you received.

  1. Promotional: In this kind of sponsoring, the store will lend you their product. 

You can use the product for your event or showcase them online.

Once you use the product and tagged them on all social media channels, you need to return to the store.

Make sure the product is in good condition.

Sometimes stores will get you some customized products as well.

These products will generally be high in cost. That is why stores will not give for free.

These will come in handy if you are going through some magazine photoshoot or interviews.

Who can get free stuff?

  • Singers
  • Serial Artists
  • Movie actors
  • Influencers 
  • YouTubers
  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Anchors
  • Reviewers

What kind of products you can get online for free?

Skincare products

Beauty products

Customized personal gifts (Coffee mugs/Photo frames)

Home decorations




Fancy items

How can I get free clothes?

  • Referral Programs from Clothing Sites are useful to Get Free Clothes.
  • Another approach to get free garments is by shopping at a considerable lot of online clothing stores. Not only will you have the option to get dresses at very deep discounts, but you can also often gain money with the free of complimentary clothes just by referring friends to sign up.
  • Get Brand Deals: Many upcoming brands are searching for new faces. If you collect enough expertise in your niche you can turn into an Influencer and get a Brand Deal. At that point would get paid to review the brand’s products and get a commission for each reading your blog entry or viewing your video.
  • Influencer stuff: There’s a settled understanding among brands and influencers: Online stores will send free products, you post about them on Instagram. Frequently it’s a happy activity; influencer takes care of feeds with promotional material, followers click and product owner sells. For collaborations reach @aslifashionhyd insta handle.

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