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How I Transformed from an Under confident, Skinny Guy to A Fitness Guru – My Experience in My Own Words

It has been five years since I am serving as a fitness guru in a local gym training young guys to lead a fit and healthy life. However, I still remember the time when I was a skinny lad, who was often bullied in his school due to his appearance. 

It was, undoubtedly, the hardest time of time. Almost every day, I cried myself to sleep, after returning back from school. Comments and hooting from senior boys mocking my physique severely deteriorated my confidence. It became a real challenge for me to attend school. I felt as I was dragging myself to school forcefully.

I never got the courage to speak back to them. Looking back at that time, I feel I should have taken the plunge. It will have surely boosted my confidence. Coming back to my journey, I was inspired by my only best friend. He was the opposite of me – an overweight kid. However, towards the end of high school. He joined the gym and worked really hard to build his physique. Although it did take him some time but he eventually managed to accomplish his goal.

His fitness journey really inspired me a lot. Hence, I took a leaf from his book and started working on my body as well. Initially, I tried aping his routine but it really felt flat on my face. It was then I realized that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for fitness. One has to get a personalized fitness plan based on their fitness goal and physical condition. This is why the next step I took was to consult a fitness trainer. This certainly proved to be a good decision for me as he helped me to devise a comprehensive fitness plan.

Under his supervision, I worked hard on the areas of my body that required extra attention. There were many times, during this journey, I felt like quitting due to the tough and gruesome routine. Early in the morning, I had to go for a walk before heading to college. After finishing my classes, I used to go straight to the gym where my trainer wouldn’t allow me to go home until I had completed all the sets. After returning home from the gym, I had my assignments and presentations to take care of. 

This routine was really tough but at the same time, very rewarding. In the beginning, when the results were not showing, I almost gave up. However, it was my fitness trainer who continued pushing me. I still remember he promised me that one day I will be proud of what I have accomplished and he was right. I really am proud of my fitness journey. It was tough, demanding but I am really happy that I didn’t quit.

Apart from the support of my family and fitness trainer, there was another thing that helped me to accomplish my fitness goal in a quick-paced way. I am talking about steroids here. For a skinny boy like me, it was very difficult to have this kind of body that I have now without the help of steroids.

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To cut the long story short, I proudly share my fitness journey with everyone not because I like to flaunt but because I feel it can inspire others, just like I was inspired by my friend. So, if you are bullied in school, college or your workplace due to your physique, it is the time to take the matters in your own hands. Start respecting yourself now if you want others to respect you.

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