latest fashion trend

Latest Fashion Trend

With the arrival of spring comes a new wave of Fashion trends. While people get ready for summer (and argue over whether or not to always carry an umbrella), this season’s beauty trends show a desire to adopt a more carefree attitude and have fun with your makeup. The strict distinctions between various aesthetics are being replaced by an emphasis on cheeky experimentation.

These springtime cosmetic trends pose the pertinent queries: Can I add a splash of purple to my no-makeup look? Is it possible to wear eye jewels outside of Coachella Valley? Do I need to try a reverse cat eye? (Yes, and again, yes.) You may be daring and organic, bright and modest, or simple and unexpected. 

This season is all about utilizing what you already have, whether it means experimenting with different blush treatments, adding unexpected accessories, or even—gasp—tweezing your brows. Additionally, no one solution fits everyone. “Trends might vary greatly from person to person. But I think we’ll see more daring options on the eyes, like glitter and flashes of color in eyeliners,” makeup artist Ashley Rebecca tells Byrdie. “Natural, radiant skin with a flushed complexion is so generally favored.

These spring 2022 cosmetic trends are evidence that we’re already warming up, despite claims made on TikTok and Twitter that this summer would match the irrational energy of summer 2016.

Blush Contour

This spring, you may omit the contour kit. Instead, the preferred method is to use blush to draw attention to your features. This technique provides you lots of space to experiment, whether you want to emphasize your cheekbones or give your nose more warmth.

According to makeup artist Nick Lujan, using blush rather than a sculptor tone to highlight your cheeks gives your skin more vitality, color, and gloss. This contouring technique also tends to provide a more organic-looking finishing result. Using your blush to contour takes out a step in applying makeup and accentuates your natural bone structure, says Lujan.

Additionally, the blush doesn’t have to end there. According to Ashley Rebecca, “there are a number of viral videos showing blush being placed beneath the eyes as a color corrector with concealer, but cosmetic experts have really been performing this method since.”

Minimalist Brows

The thin brow is returning, claims Lujan. I am aware of the horror. However, Lujan predicts that fluffy brows won’t always be the focal point of a cosmetic look. There are other variations of this [minimalist appearance], from bleached brows to lightly tweezed and sculpted, according to Lujan.

That does not necessarily imply that you should use tweezers instead of brow gel. The key lesson? This spring, you may allow your other attributes to take center stage.

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic looks have the potential to be really attractive and often make application simpler. It’s easy and effective, according to Lujan, to select a nice lip or blush color and apply it to other parts of the face.

Since they often look the best on a variety of skin tones, Lujan advises coral, peach, pink, red, and brick colors. However, you may go as crazy (or as neutral) as you like with this trend. Lujan offers this word of caution: “If you want to explore with bolder and brighter colors, it would be preferable to keep everything else natural and to keep those colors to your eye shadow region.”

Bejeweled Eyes

It’s about time, in Lujan’s opinion, that gemstones regained their status as fashionable facial jewelry. Every 10 to 15 years, gemstones come back into style and cosmetics, according to Lujan. Think of Gwen Stefani in her earlier No Doubt years when they were last truly popular, according to Lujan, which was in the 1990s and early 2000s.

This cosmetic style has come back in full force, and no, it’s not only for festivals. It’s unclear if the gemstone revival has more to do with the reappearance of Y2K trends or Euphoria.

Lightweight Foundation

In the winter, people are removing all of their bulky clothes, including their foundation. Everyone is using thin radiant formulations instead of heavy foundation layers, according to Lujan. Lujan advises “moving into something light and fresh and allowing your natural skin show through” if you’re going for a more dewy appearance. Additionally, a light foundation may enhance your blush and contouring even further.

Pops of Periwinkle

It might be time to abandon your color scheme of just neutrals. This spring, Veri Peri is making a much-needed comeback. According to Lujan, “this periwinkle blue has a vibrant violet-red undertone to it, making it suitable for all complexion tones.”

A flash of color on one feature is always the greatest way to make a subtle effect, so Lujan advises keeping it simple whether you want to adopt this trend in your eye makeup, lipsticks, or glosses.

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