On Demand T-Shirt Printing App

Uber for Clothes – Creating a Gateway for Retail Industry to Make Clothes Hunting Smooth for Customers

Uber has slowly incepted into all the major industries. In other words, courtesy the creation of Uber in the year 2009, all major service industries saw itself becoming on-demand, or started providing quick and instant services to the customers. 

Today one major industry that has especially seen becoming Uberized is the retail industry. Courtesy solutions such as the Uber for Clothes, in particular, the customers now can buy clothes in a smooth and efficient manner. Also they can customize it, print it, etc. as per their choice and have it delivered to them. 

Let us discuss a little about the solution in detail. 

Uber for Clothes – Definition

Every single human being on this planet loves adorning themselves with clothes that would make them stand out among the crowd. However, courtesy the busy life that people have nowadays, they do not feel the urge to step out of their houses to visit the nearest retail shop to purchase their clothes. 

This is where Uber for Clothes steps into the picture. With the help of this solution, customers can purchase clothes and have them customized and printed as per their choice.

All that they need to do is add their location. As soon as they perform this step, they need to select t-shirts or clothes. They wish, printed as per their choice, and then make the payment for the same. 

As soon as they perform this step, they can track their delivery. And have printed t-shirts or clothes delivered to them. 

This, in fact, has also led to the creation of a new solution, the on demand t-shirt printing app that helps customers customize the t-shirts as per their choice and have it delivered to them in the smoothest and the most efficient manner. 

Let us understand a few attributes of this solution that go into making this process simple for the customers and the industry, on a whole. 

Attributes Present in On Demand T-Shirt Printing App

  1. Pick a t-shirt to help the customers choose the apparel that they wish to customize
  2. Customize through the mock-up generator to help the customer apply the design that they wish to apply to their apparels. They can do so by uploading the design, switching between the color options and previewing the products. The mock-up generator, in short, helps the store to add the products uploaded by the customer easily and smoothly. 
  3. Order samples to help the customer order the samples from the print providers chosen by them. This ensures the same look and feel of the end-product for the customers. 
  4. Publish to help the print store or apparel store to publish the product on their store automatically so as to assist them in the selling process

Thus, all these features go into helping the industry and the customers at large in making enormous profits and getting their clothes customized as per their choice. Also, it becomes a reason to adopt the solution for your retail or apparel store. This will ensure unique services to your customers and make your store a unique one in comparison to other retail and apparel outlets. 

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