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Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

If your wedding date is approaching, you can utilize the corona-virus lockdown time productively to set aside a plan for your wedding. You can host the wedding of your dreams even if your budget seems to be hinting otherwise. It may not be at one of the exuberant hot spots of typical, royal destination weddings – but it can be something not short from a fairytale affair. 

Choosing Things Off-Season

Depending on where you are living, weddings tend to be a seasonal affair – with prices spiking during the peak season. If you are already planning on a tight budget, it would be in the best of your interests to go for a unique and unconventional wedding style. Whether, it is picking a weekday for your wedding, reserving an open space on a chilly night or booking a banquet during a hailstorm. Make the worst conditions work in your favor and be prepared to face the music, while you’re at it. 

Look for actual Suppliers instead of Middlemen 

If you cannot invest the money, then invest the time into finding cheaper alternatives. Most upscale, value-added products at high-end stores can be replaced through links with bulk suppliers. For example, if you are a fan of a floral themed wedding, you can cut down costs by contacting local farmers. Or when it comes to food, contact local aspiring chefs and hire a team of waiters to help assist them. Choosing people who know their craft, but are new to the industry is more affordable than contacting someone with an already established business. 

Pay for Skills, Not the Brand

One may think that their wedding becomes a luxurious and star-studded affair if big names are associated with it. But that is just a marketing tactic that fickle and brand-conscious people fall for. Or just people who do not have the time to do enough research and look for cheaper alternatives. A lot of aspiring artists and entrepreneurs are willing to give their services at half the rate from what big companies are demanding. Hence, they shall be grateful to work for you, without the typical entitlement as well. Since they are looking to establish themselves, they will certainly give their best – especially if your event is one of the biggest ones they have bagged. Just if you know of an intern or a skilled amateur within your circle, hire them for your big day. This could be a photographer, makeup artist, wedding planner or an amateur fashion designer. 

Know What You Want 

“Tradition is peer pressure from dead people.” The famous saying is not making people shift their focus from spending time and energy on things that are not fulfilling. If you really want something special or extraordinary for your wedding, you can think of a diamond wedding ring because it will be a valuable possession. However, spending huge amounts on decorations or catering is not a good idea because it is going to be a 2 or 3 hour affair.

Weddings tend to pressure people into spending more than what they want merely because people might have a problem with how things work, or just because things have been the same since the beginning. Free yourself of these time consuming and money-draining loopholes. And invest that money into something that you and your partner might like. This includes anything from fancy wedding invitation cards, triple-tiered wedding cakes, extravagant bridal bouquets or even inviting tons of people who are not even remotely interested in your nuptials. If traditional wedding themes do not appeal to you, then it is better to just entirely evade them for your big day. 

Go Easy on the Decorations

Needless to say, the wedding is not about the décor but is about you and your loved ones. Most people will not even remember what décor you used so spending a limited amount of money on it makes sense. Although, if you may, create an ambiance that exudes the warmth and love that you would like to feel on your big day. Opt for modern and minimalistic themes, go fake or dead flowers (an increasingly popular and new trend) or let the venue do the talking. Cutting off the fluff and exhibitionism at your wedding will help you save enough money on the things that matter to you. 

In the end, it all comes down to what you see your dream wedding as. There may be essential elements to it that you would not want to miss out; hence cheaper alternatives are always available. If not, you can always prioritize on what you would spend most of your budget on. Just make sure it is something memorable.

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