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Prettiest Spring Wedding Color Combination

I thought it was time to look at some ideal palettes for a wedding during this romantic season, as Spring has now well and truly sprung. To name but a few, there are so many factors to enjoy Spring weddings, natural flowers, gentle sun and longer days. But certainly color is one of the finest? For after a long gray winter, Spring’s new hues ensure a lovely marriage–regardless of your style, theme or budget. So, here’s 10 of the most enjoyable color pieces in the prettiest times for a wedding.

Powder Blue & Peach

This palette couldn’t be any more beautiful or perfect for a wedding in Spring (or Summer!). The crisp powder blue is delicate and surprisingly feminine (with perfect shades of stock and blue thistle), while the soft shades of peach add contrast and warmth. Complete the look with plenty of greenery such as eucalyptus, ear lambs, and waving jasmine to finish this flourishing flower.

Dusky Blue & Yellow

The perfect combination of early Spring hues and romance is this color palette. These smooth yellow, blue and gray tones somehow manage to be both stylishly masculine and beautifully feminine with lasting Wintry dusk. It would be as common with your party’s men as it will be with the gals for their Eid dress in terms of colors.

Spring Garden

Nothing sounds like our gardens to Spring and that’s just what inspired this first palette of colors. It would create for a whimsical and romantic wedding, fresh, smooth and full of feminine colors, ideal for a floral-filled affair. And although most of these palettes are quite flexible, suitable for almost any location or theme, I believe this botanical beauty is best adapted for a garden wedding (whether it’s a backyard, a vineyard or a historic property) where the beautiful greenery provides the ideal background, allowing these delicate colors shine.

Lilac, Blush & Vintage Yellow

But Spring is not just beautiful pastels, of course! While this image may be a little livelier than typical for the summer, it is also oh-so-romantic and has a feeling of an era that is ideal for a modern-vintage marriage thanks to the bright colors and the luminous old orange.

Ethereal Greenery

A wonderful wedding palette influenced by the present trend of greenery and so ideal for Spring! Soft lush green shades, with warm yellow and nude splashes, couldn’t be more elegant or romantic. And while a boho bride and garden environment would most definitely fit, it would also sound oh-so-chic in a more official location for an advanced bride. Just believe of sweeping staircases, opulent florals, candelabras, and chandeliers across Downton Abbey’s majestic tables.

Rustic Spring Blues

This palette is an unusual solution to the more traditional Spring pastels, taken from an article celebrating the end of winter! The mixture of ethereal colors of light compares completely with the moodier, dark colors and means the seasons change. And I love the rustic wood juxtaposition with the lush bouquet, the delicate lace and the flowing tulle of the beautiful dress of the bride! I believe a rustic barn environment would give this smooth palette a fabulous backdrop.

Spring Beach

While black peach may not be the first color you dream of, I wished to show that this shade can be a complex option for a Spring bride, particularly when mixed with dusky blue and neutrals. It would certainly look beautiful in any venue, but I can’t help but imagine an ethereal beach wedding with palm-tinted silk, driftwood, and shells.

Spring Sunset

It’s so simple to think of these yellow and orange burnished colors working only for a fall wedding. But how mistaken are you?! Plus an instant wedding palette allows a stylish declaration and your clients are expected to wow. It would be perfect for a floral-filled affair with a luxurious and warm color scheme; and is surprisingly versatile, suited to a multitude of venues and seasons–don’t you believe it would look just as beautiful in Summer?

Spring Skies

This color palette’s light blues and hot yellow remind me so much of the clearing Spring skies with their black cloud wisps. The pop of bright blue in this sensitive color mixture gives a feminine touch to the traditional Spring hues, somehow managing to be both stylishly male and beautifully feminine.

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