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A Trendy Retirement: 7 Fashion Trends That You’ll No Longer See in 2021

We hate to say this; but, some of our favourite sartorial pieces are going to say goodbye in less than a year now. No matter how hard we try to keep them, fashion trends come and go. It’s a cycle that no one can put a stop to for the sake of a well-balanced industry. 

So, whether they are timeless pieces that don’t always go out of style or those rare chunks that pop up to fizzle out and spread contagious crazes among consumers from season to season, eventually, all these trends have their day. But don’t fret because you still got a few months to exhaust them and make the most of your cost-per-wear ratio before you finally stow away these pieces and wait for their right time to be worn again in another era.      

Just as how we set our eyes to death and tax issues, the coming and going of fashion trends is something we’d also like to pay attention to. Hence, we give you the top 7 trends that are predicted to retire in 2021.  

Our Favourite Chunky Sneakers 

The chunky sneakers loved by numerous streetwalkers around the world is going to say goodbye and everyone is absolutely not okay with it. These chunky sneakers are also referred to as ‘Dad’ sneakers that first appeared on Gucci’s fall fashion runway in 2019. The flashy, multi-coloured and exaggerated design of these chunky sneakers is something we’ll surely miss about them and the only hope we have right now is that they will be worn again in the future.     

The Logo Mania

Enough of these covetable, logo-saturated pieces because the next year is going to be the end of the craze over logos. The rise of hypebeast fashion from 2018 to 2019 has lent the different designer brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, and Burberry into the wave of logo-mania and left everyone in great desire for the “Big Logo” trend in both menswear and women’s fashion. But while there’s always a space in our hearts for this trend, we will be welcoming the return of wearable ultra-neutrals in whites, beiges, and creams.       

Leopard Print Skirts

The trend of leopard print skirts in 2019 was filtered down from designer to high-end boutiques and Insta-label stores until everyone you see, including yourself, is wearing the same trend. While there’s the sad truth is that nothing lasts forever even in the world of fashion, leopard prints are just timeless pieces you can wear all year round so make the most of it while you still have time.   


See-through pieces are on their way out due to the rising temperatures and privacy concern of many consumers. PVC has been a hot serving for bags, hats, and shoes in 2019.  

Bike Shorts

It seems as though this will be an early retirement year for bike shorts, that were recently made famous by Victoria’s Secret models and the entire Kar-Jenner camp. But long before we have them, it was Princess Diana who was the first influencer of this athleisure trend.     

The Oh-So-Cute Hairclips

The adorable come-back of hairclips in pear-embellished, statement and resin designs became a hit in the previous year. Sadly, we will have to let them go as we welcome another retro option taking its place earlier of this year. It’s going to be a year of padded headbands till 2021. 


Letter Jewelry

We’ve been spotting every It-girl and celebrity who were under the great cult of wearing the alphabet necklace. But in the next year, we’ll see fewer pieces of letter jewellery and more thin chain pieces are going to elevate.  

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