StyleSeat Clone App

Display & Manage Your Beauty Services With StyelSeat Clone Beauty Salon Appointment App

Your salon business has suffered a huge loss because of COVID19. Not only retaining your present customers but, getting more is your target then all you need is build StyleSeat Clone Beauty Salon Appointments App. Build on the latest technology, with result-driven features, it will help scale up your salon app regardless of Pandemic hitting.

You will be thinking why StyleSeat Clone App and not a new one? Well, developing a new On-Demand Beauty Salon app can be time-consuming, costly, and might not be successful. It is always been easier to make a clone app that is already an established, successful business model than making a new one right from scratch. 

This StyleSeat Clone Book Beauty Salon Appointments App is a great way to kickstart your online beauty business in the most affordable ways.

Main Features To Incorporate In Your StyelSeat Clone Book Beauty Salon Appointments App

  • Signup – Login via social media, email id, or phone number
  • Browse beauty service categories and sub-categories
  • Book for On-demand beauty services or “Book now, schedule later”
  • Confirmation with the beauty service details
  • Pay via multiple payment modes
  • Track the beautician
  • In-app call/chat 
  • Order status updated
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Invoice generation

Additional Features That Scale Up Your Book Beauty Salon Appointment App

White-label Beauty App Solution

Having developed your StyleSeat clone app on a white-label app solution allows customization. Thus, you need not depend on others when you wish to change the logo, features, and so on.

GPS Integration

The feature allows to track the location for the beautician who is traveling to the destination thus less time wasted in figuring out the way.

Secured payment

The app comes integrated with features concerning the payment security. The app has a secured payment gateway that provides complete reliability to the users who wish to make payments via the app. 

How Do You Generate More Income Through Your Styleseat Clone Salon App?

There are a few sure shot ways to monetize your On Demand Beauty Salon Appointment App. The app lets you build a steady flow of income by implementing:

  • Service delivery charges

Generate more income by leveraging a small fee as On-Demand beautician service delivery charges.

  • Run ads

You can promote 3rd party salon services or the one already listed with you by promoting ads on your app.

  • Commission

You can monetize your app by levying commission charges, for every Salon Appointment booked using StyleSeat Clone App.

  • Royalty / Referral programs

Introducing various types of referral programs not only enhances your customer base but also generates more revenue

FAQ  About Building On Demand StyleSeat Clone App

  1. What is the better option for an On Demand Salon App – A single app or, a different type of mobile app?

A single On Demand Beauty salon app is good to go to start with. This helps the salon owner to take up any number of salon bookings, as well as notify the clients about the new beauty treatments, special prices, etc. Having everything integrated into one app will let you take care of your salon business from a single app.

  1. Does the On Demand Styleseat Clone App Come With Maintenance Support?

Ideally, it depends on the mobile app development company you hire. Most of the companies will be providing maintenance-free for a year depending on the On Demand Beauty Salon Appointment Package you have chosen.

  1. Is App Store/Google Play Store Submission Covered In The Package?

Yes, the launching of your On-Demand Beauty Salon App in the App Store / Play Store is included. The submission of your app will be carried out by the team.

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Styleseat Clone App?

The final price depends on various factors that include App technology used for app development, customized features, App platform, maintenance, bug support, and so on. Also, the kind of mobile app development company you hire and the place matters a lot in getting the pricing clarity.

StyleSeat Clone App Development 

Your app success majorly depends on the kind of app development company you choose. 

Look for a mobile app development company that has years of experience and a great technical team when it comes to developing and launching On Demand Apps. Take the live demo before committing, sit with the app developers to know what is trending and the types of features you should integrate in Styleseat Clone. This way exchanging your views with them and vice a versa will let you develop a successful Beauty Salon Appointment App for your salon business.

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