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Why Women’s love Designer Cotton Kurtis

Kurtis are one of the most popular outfits that are preferable by women of every age. Those made from cotton fabric are loved by every woman and are perfect for every occasion.

The casual wear cotton kurti with alluring prints and designs makes a fabulous outfit that can be paired with different pants or salwar giving the wearer a sterling and gorgeous appeal. 

Wearing a colorful cotton printed kurti with ankle-length legging and some pretty accessories will give you a perfect ethnic look. 

If you are willing to wear something comfortable yet stylish then you can definitely choose a slit cotton kurti and pairing it with skinny denim jeans will make you look like a charming diva. 

Why is Cotton So Popular?

Cotton is a soft and fluffy fabric that is obtained from cotton plants grown under the natural climatic conditions. 

This pure cellulose fiber is majorly found in four different types that includes Mexican cotton, levant cotton, sea island cotton and tree cotton. 

All of them are cultivated in different parts of the world that differ in weight and quality. 

The fiber is most oftenly spun in thread or yarn to make a soft and breathable textile. It has been popular among men and women since prehistoric times.

In olden days and Mughal era cotton industry was highly responsible for international trade. Cotton has been domesticated since the olden days and is even the most popular one in these modern days too.    

Why Do Women Choose Cotton Kurtis?

As the fabric is favorable for every season giving a breathable and comfortable feel whenever you wear it is the most admired advantage of cotton. They are perfect for those who like to wear printed and colorful clothes. 

As they can control sweat and moisture at optimum they are favorable for everyone. Different garments such as sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez and gowns are available in the market from which kurtis are the most popular ones. They are popular due to the following reasons. 

Perfect for Every Occasion

Cotton is a perfect pick for each and every occasion. It can be worn on a casual basis or even be chosen for parties and events. 

It all depends on the prints and designs of the outfit. Some of them are decorated with prints and some have pretty embellishments all over the outfit. 

The neck design and sleeves have intricate sheer detailing that makes it look interesting and even more beautiful. You can wear it on a daily basis or choose to wear it on festivals and special occasions.  

Reasonable Price

The fabric is easily available everywhere in the world. It is the highest produced fabric in India. Cotton is the most affordable fabric and is even famous due to its characteristics and value.

If you compare the price of a cotton outfit with other fabrics then you will find it more favorable and a bit cheaper than others. 

They are easily available at every market and online stores in a range of patterns and designs. This alluring outfit can be paired with different types of pants or salwar to make a drastic combination. Some adoring accessories paired with it gives you an overall effective look.

Variety of Prints and Designs

There are a variety of prints and designs used to decorate the kurti. Hand block prints with intricate traditional motifs, geometric prints with linings and checks, and abstract prints or asymmetrical prints are used to decorate the kurti. 

Besides it colorful stones, crystals, diamonds, pearls and beautiful laces are also used to detail the kurti. 

The colorful phulkari work makes the kurti look highly effective. A pastel colored kurti decorated with dark color prints looks fascinating. The embroidered one is perfect for weddings or other events.   

Suits Every Body Type

Cotton is not very flowy and not even sticky to the body. It is a breathable and soft fabric that suits every skin type.

If your skin is sensitive then also you can choose to wear a cotton kurti. It suits every age group and body type. 

Either you are chubby or slim cotton will perfectly drape to your body giving you a graceful and minimalistic look. 

It is best for those who don’t like to flaunt their curves. You just need to pair it with the appropriate bottom to get a flawless look. 

Different Types of Cotton Kurtis

The kurtis are available in a variety of patterns. They can be long, short or flared in different lengths and cuts. 

You can get a collection of wholesale kurtis with a variety of color options and some pretty borders at the bottom. 

1. Straight Cotton Kurtis:

 The elegant and delightful ones with side slits and proper fitting makes a beautiful straight kurti. These long kurtis usually have simple and classical necklines along with long sleeves that make a ravishing combination. 

They are immensely popular in knee-length and ankle-length that look alluring with a fitted narrow pant or ankle-length legging. Some oxidized jewelry completes the overall look. 

2. Anarkali Cotton Kurtis: 

The most loved pattern by ladies is a long and flared anarkali kurti. It is one of the oldest patterns that originated from the Mughal era. These anarkali kurtis look amazing when paired with a churidar salwar or a legging. 

The kurti differs in lengths and can be paired with different types of pants or salwar according to their lengths.

Pairing a knee-length anarkali with a palazzo makes a unique and stylish combination.   

Well anarkali kurtis will be perfect for you and you can make these anarkali kurtis more beautiful by adding dress material and you can buy these dress material at an amazing price and you can get tons of wholesale dress material online and can add to your kurtis which will give you amazing design.

3. Slit Cotton Kurtis: 

Young girls largely prefer slit kurtis and pair it with a fitted pant or denim jeans to get a fashionista look. 

They are similar to anarkali kurtis with a fitted silhouette at the upper body and a flared pattern from waist to ankle having a long slit.

 The kurti is perfect for a fashionable and stylish look. Girls wear the printed cotton long slit kurtis with jeans at offices and colleges for a perfect ethnic yet fashionable look.  

4. Short Cotton Kurtis: 

The geometric print short frock style kurti with linings and checks or some alluring necklines with fancy sleeves looks adoring with a dhoti or palazzo. 

The kurti with angrakha neckline with fancy tie-up at the front having tassels at the end looks fabulous. 

These short kurtis are even a better combination with denim jeans and some alluring accessories that will give the wearer an astonishing appeal.   

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