Blue Sapphire Stones

The Meaning and Symbolism of Blue Sapphire Stones 

Fortunately, sapphires are one of only a few stones that have captured everyone’s interest. Its regal blue color and exceptional durability are the reasons for this. While sapphires are available in a variety of colors (excluding red; red corundum is ruby), blue sapphires have been the most popular for centuries and continue to remain so today. This blog is all about the beauty and significance of blue sapphire stones:

What Makes Them Popular Blue Sapphires?

The color of a blue sapphire is the most important factor that determines its worth. This is because it is one of the primary factors in its recognition. The color theory states that the purer the blue, the higher the value. This highly regarded blue sapphire color is caused by a variable concentration of the trace metals iron and titanium in the corundum. Because blue sapphire stones are the most well-known jewels in this corundum family, many people are still unaware of other color sapphires to die for. In fact, blue sapphire stones have become so popular in recent years that when people use the term ‘sapphire’, even if they are referring to blue sapphires. Yes, it is true!

Color is not the only reason….!

Blue sapphires, like other fancy color sapphires, have outstanding durability, which is possibly the real reason why everyone adores these stones. The beauty of blue sapphire stones alone could not have led them to this magnificent path of adoration. But the beauty combined with the durability of blue sapphire stones is a game-changing feature of these gems. Indeed, sapphire has a Mohs hardness of 9.

 And For Royalty Of Course!

Every jewel can contribute to its prominence that nothing else in the world can. It can be anything from a person or object to a little misunderstanding. The benefit of blue sapphire stones is not a combination of their beauty and durability; it is just not limited to them.

We are all familiar with the well-known sapphire engagement ring; this gemstone serves as an inspiration for royalty. The world has been obsessed with blue sapphire stones since the King of the United Kingdom proposed to Princess Diana with an 18-carat diamond and a vivid sapphire stone. The fondness for blue sapphires among royalty extends beyond the engagement ring. The British Royal Family has ample brooches and other master pieces of jewelry adorned with blue sapphires.

Wrap Up

Blue sapphire’s beauty is even more profound than it appears. Blue sapphire stones are one-of-a-kind gems whose popularity stems not only from their characteristics. We, at Navratan, believe that sapphire jewelry is an expression of who you are. This gemstone can seamlessly carry your style and your story. That’s why we curate every piece so you can choose your jewelry design, gem quality, carat weight, and specific metal to match your personality.

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