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Wholesale Modern Fabric Outlet: A Perfect Destination For Fashion Designers & Boutique Owners

FabCouture makes Fabric Sourcing a Walk in the park.

FabCouture is India’s biggest online fabric store. If you are a designer or a boutique owner, you will know what a pain it is to get the right fabric for designing the dress of your dreams. Here, fabric innovation comes to the rescue where all kinds of new fabrics are designed to give wings to the ideas of these designers. 

The age-old fabric-making traditions are also loved all over the world and FabCouture is one place that brings fabrics from the most authentic Indian arts and also from the most modern concepts at one single platform where you will find more than 5000 types of fabrics at the touch of fingers among more than 20 categories which include plains, solids, prints, embroideries, hand-crafted, jacquards, dupattas and any fabric type you can think of. Interested buyers can choose from a rich variety of prints, colors, patterns, and designs from traditional to modern trendy varieties.

Choosing fabrics here is such a pleasure here as you can see clear pictures with a proper description of the fabric in terms of width, fabric thickness and on top, the friendly customer care where they shall be always ready to help with any questions that arise like how much fabric, what’s the flow of the fabric, what is best used for and anything else that itches your mind.

The beauty of FabCouture is how easily they provide you the fabrics in the color of your liking with their in-house dyeing facility at the best rates. Just pick a fabric from their dyeable collection and you are good to go. Choose a color from the color chart and add that to your cart and you are good to go.

The cherry on top is when you wish to make a bulk buy, they can always help you with custom fabric which is a dire need for any designer. When you are looking for some particular embroidery or a particular composition of fabric or a certain kind of print on a certain fabric, FabCouture is always at the rescue. Their friendly team will look into your needs and get the required fabric developed for you.

This wide store is made for easily accessing fabric to fabric lovers, boutique owners, special orders, and for common people to deliver high-quality multiple quality fabric in one place. A wide range of fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, polyester, nylon, rayon, and much more are stored in the place and you can find the best one of your choice. There was high demand for quality fabric but lack of physical touch was missing. Finally, we decided to open this store where thousands of samples are there and you can order from anyone of your choice during working hours. 

What you will find here

  • Specialized fabrics for selling objectives and fabrics for sewing purposes
  • Fabrics that needed for knitting purposes
  • Quality fabrics for sewing lovers such as boutique owners, tailors, and housewives
  • Special fabrics for purposes like wedding dresses, palazzo, salwar suits, and dupattas
  • Quality fabric available for selling for cloth business owners, wholesalers, agents, and marketers

Features of the store

  • Easy to reach the location
  • Access to thousands of quality fabrics
  • Affordable prices
  • Different variety of colors for each fabric
  • Plain, printed, embroidery, and customized fabrics with colors
  • A perfect destination for wedding designers and stylists
  • Online payment facility

If you are a wedding designer, boutique owner, cloth merchant or sewing professional, or lover, this can be your most loved place for fabric needs. Lots of people were demanding a variety of quality fabrics in one place and after so much discussion and brainstorming, we opened the store for fabric professionals and lovers. Now, you have access to a wide variety of quality fabrics under one roof and in your city. You don’t have to move to other cities for your fabric needs and you will get the best fabrics in your city with a single visit. Make the most of it now.

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