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As a wardrobe staple of modern women, the watch is an accessory to make a style statement for every occasion. It is known to be an expression of personal style. Nowadays more and more women are buying designer timepieces.

Like some expensive metal jewellery people love to invest in a unique timepiece that they can treasure for life. It is an easy and luxurious fashion piece with fun coloured straps and well-designed dials for all occasions. It has become a collector’s piece for customers. 

We all agree with the fact that women want more than just diamonds and clothes. They love to wear watches that are equally beautiful in mechanics inside and aesthetics outside.

Therefore, we are here to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect timepiece for you.

It is important to take your time carefully to buy something that you can treasure.

1. Set your budget:

Setting up your budget is the first and very important decision one has to make. There are many amazing, well-designed affordable watches for women as well as luxurious expensive watches for women available in the market. Hence, decide how much you want to spend and stick to that.

2. Make up your mind: Quartz or mechanical?

Quartz watches are powered by a battery that sends an electrical signal through crystals embedded in the circuit. Although they lack in mechanical counterparts, they are highly accurate. Quartz can get you the design of your choice at an affordable price.  But nowadays women prefer mechanical watches over quartz. Within mechanical movements, there is a choice between manual and automatic (in terms of winding). Mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz due to the labour behind it.

3. Watch that suits your wrist

Watches come in different shapes and sizes. Measure your wrist size to have an idea what looks good on you. Some women also prefer the oversize look and therefore the size  depends on one’s liking and personality.

4. Choose between bracelet or strap

Nowadays bracelets are becoming an increasingly popular choice for women. In terms of style, they are more substantial. The lighter alternatives to bracelets are straps in leather, rubber or fabric. Straps are found in different attractive colours. However, there are brands such as casio watches for women that offer maximum versatility by giving interchangeable watch straps.

5. Style

When you buy a watch, do you want to make a statement, or are you thinking practically? For those who are buying to make a statement have endless possibilities in terms of style, design, colours etc. If you are driven by practicality, then buy a watch that matches your lifestyle.

Buying a watch for a certain look, event or certain outfit is perfectly acceptable. After all, accessories are what that makes women have their unique look and style. A beautiful watch be it expensive or minimalist, can create an idiosyncratic look for the wearer.

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