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Why would a gemologist pay less for your jewellery?

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Just because you purchased an expensive ring doesn’t mean you know how to buy authentic gemstones. Right? It’s not something you can just spot and tell. Yes, you heard it right. You can’t predict the quality just by seeing it that’s why you need an expert gemologist by your side.

Folks, there are chances that a gemologist might pay less for your coveted jewellery. Wondering what are those situations? Jewellery items can have the substandard quality of gems. Some of the buyers have no fair idea and fail to identify a pure gem and end up paying more than the actual worth.

The biggest drawback and hurdle is lack of knowledge. There are myriad jewellery buyers out there in the market who do not completely understand what makes jewellery valuable and end up pooling their hard-earned money in expensive jewellery. They bid more than the actual worth of the jewellery.

A professional, as well as a certified gemologist, will pay more because they understand the real worth of your jewellery.

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The experts have hands-on experience and will provide an apt description of each item and a fair assessment of its quality in terms of the type of stone, size, colour, clarity of diamonds, and detail of other stones as well. Moreover, an up-to-the-minute replacement cost. Isn’t that impressive? Having someone with that degree of experience for Antique Valuations let you stay rest assured that you are getting the right and fair pounds for your piece of jewellery.

Getting the right and fair value for your jewellery should be the goal!

Seeking and acquiring deep understanding and knowledge about jewellery is pertinent for buyers

So, let’s get started.

When the deal doesn’t feel appropriate?

If the person who is selling the jewellery is not the rightful owner of the jewellery than in that case very low price is offered.

Mistakes and errors

We are humans and are susceptible to make mistakes. To err is human, well stated! It is natural for a human being to make mistakes. These mistakes could go both ways. If your diamond is not looking great in appearance and has fissures and dirt accumulated then the jewellery gets a lower price than it deserves. This could lead to a lower offer than it was expected.

Why selling jewellery to Certified Gemologist is highly advisable?

It’s no amazement that there are a rare number of elite gemologists in the jewellery field. Gemologists are armed with ample experience and have the required tools and equipment. Proven and certified gemologist spend hours in gem grading and polishing laboratories to prove their expertise. The sure way to figure out what kind of quality you are dealing with is simply inquire directly. A well-trained gemologist acts as a backup.

Prestige Valuations provide unrivalled expertise and you can have confidence that you will certainly get to know the fair worth of your coveted jewellery piece. If you have any queries regarding jewellery in a divorce settlement or bespoke Jewellery Hatton Garden then please connect with the expert team.

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