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Why Banarasi Lehengas Are The Best Outfit During Weddings?

The Banarasi lehenga has a royal quality that we can’t agree with more. These banarasi lehengas are an excellent choice for pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities because the marriage can be nothing less than regal, and no attire is better. As a result, they have a certain attraction that a more traditional lehenga would not have.

Banarasi lehenga has elevated wedding fashion to a whole new level. This level up merits praise since it is sure to make the bride-to-be appear like a blessing in the observer’s eyes. Intricate motifs on these embroidered lehengas are worth wearing, especially on a special occasion like a wedding.

It’s Time to Think About a Banarasi Lehenga!

It is a weather-resistant cloth:

It is possible to wear a Banarasi lehenga in any season instead of silks, nets, and velveteens. Wearing it in the summer and spring will be comfortable because of its versatility. The fabric’s glittering texture and the light fabric’s breezy feel make it ultra-soft, and as you flaunt your lehenga, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.  

It’s a universally flattering color:

Bandhani lehengas are flattering on all body types because of their light and flowing fabric. Lehengas may be tailored to fit your body or layered for a more lavish effect that covers you as you go down the aisle. Whether or whether you have a fuller form, this will enable you to accentuate your best features. Just play around with the blouse’s style and show off your slim figure.

It’s simple to put together:

In terms of fabric, Banarasi is one of the most versatile. Velvet, cotton, and raw silk are all excellent options for pairing it with. For example, if you are the bride’s sister, wear a Banarasi skirt paired with an off-the-shoulder wedding shirt. Brides might wear their Banarasi lehengas with folded-up satin shirts to give their sangeet ceremony an Indo-Western touch.

With a simple solid top or shirt, you’re all set for the thumkas, no matter how elaborated the print or embroidery is. Even if you’re taking care of visitors during the wedding, the light fabric makes it simple to handle, and it’s incredibly breathable while maintaining the appearance of weighty and regal cloth.

It can be reused:

After the big day, Banarasi silk or patola lehengas may be used for other occasions too. You may wear embroidered lehengas to a less formal event or another wedding as a guest because it is lightweight and doesn’t have any extra decorations or embroidery. However, if you intend to wear the garment again, you must take care of the material to preserve its polished appearance.

This item exudes an air of formality:

Banarasi is a well-known cloth with a high shine content. Besides the rich color and texture of the fabric and the ornate and detailed designs, it may be arranged to be more festive and traditional. In Bengali weddings, the Banarasi saree was the sole fabric worn by the bride, and it was considered an essential part of her traditional attire. When it comes to important events, the bandhani lehengas have become a distinctive design statement that may be worn for any of them.

Final thoughts:

Gorgeous-looking items like the banarasi lehengas are the order of the day as far as this wedding season is concerned. So, if you haven’t ordered one yet, it’s high time to have it now.

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