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Rediscover The Beauty Of Traditional Bandhani Saree Online

Fashion trends for women change drastically. But some attires are ageless. One such timeless attire for women is the Indian traditional sarees. Each type of the sarees is the physical representation of the mesmerizing art and culture of the Indian state. The bandhani saree is perhaps one of the most popular types of drape. It represents the artistic excellence of Gujarat (Kutch) and Rajasthan. 

6 yards of pure bliss

Online shopping has become the most common mean of shopping, especially since the pandemic hit the country. And it becomes difficult for you to understand the quality of the saree. But if you visit the store of the sellers-in-demand, you will realize why it is important to buy from the bestselling brand. 

Varieties of shades: 

Usually, the basic shades of Bandhani print are green, red, blue, and yellow. But the top companies bring you the myriad colours, shades, and combinations of colours that will leave you gasping. Be it the Pink and Orange Patola Bandhani or the Firozi and Blue Patola bandhani, and you can’t stop admiring the beautiful colours that add to the grandeur.

The skilled team at work:

When you look at the bandhani saree designs latest collection of the company, you can well ascertain the level of hard work that the creators put in to make each piece of flawless artwork. Bandhani work basically a tie and die technique where the weavers tie a part of the fabric like cotton, silk, or synthetic. Then they incorporate these into different shades of colours. Hence, the dots, rings, and little squares are so common in the Bandhani work. 

Affordable price:

Now that you know the tremendous amount of effort that goes into making one saree, you should understand why these sarees are expensive. But if you compare the cost with the same type of sarees available from other companies, you may notice a stark difference. The bestselling manufacturers offer the best quality for the minimum price as they know that maintaining the quality of a saree is vital for consistently maintaining the brand’s popularity.

Color guarantee:

The vibrant colours of the sarees may make you doubtful about the longevity of the dyes. But the company is strict about using the best quality of colours. So even on the first wash, the colours won’t bleed. And that’s what you need when you are investing a considerable amount to buy the bandhani saree online. 

The popular types:

Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas brings to you the three most gorgeous types of Bandhani sarees that will quench your thirst for innovation and tradition. 

  1. Jhankar Bandhani: The collection includes a range of light and white shades in the Bandhani style instead of the bright colours. 
  2. Color Release: the process of manufacturing these in reverse to the original technique. The makers use lighter tones over the darker tones to maximize the impact of the Bandhani prints. 
  3. Borjaal: The weavers make a lattice of strands using the complicated pattern of dabs and tones.

So buy your perfect Bandhej Saree only from Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas for the perfect blend of style and creativity.

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