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The Best Way to Organize Your Clothes

If you’re like most people, you probably own way more clothes than you actually wear on a regular basis. That can make it hard to keep track of your favorite shirts, pants, and sweaters, and hard to get dressed in the morning when your closet seems more like an obstacle course than an efficient storage space. But there are ways to tame the chaos and make sure your clothes are organized in a way that works well for you. Here are the best drawers for clothes tips so you can find just what you need, whenever you need it!

Choose the Right Size

If you don’t have enough space, getting a bigger dresser is an option, but if your drawers are overflowing, try downsizing. We keep what we use and get rid of what we don’t; a drawer full of seldom-worn clothing won’t help you stay organized and that drawer will just cause stress when you do try to find something. Before tossing anything out or donating it, ask yourself: When was the last time I wore or used (blank)? If it hasn’t been in your regular rotation for a few months or years, consider doing without.

Make Sure They Are Sturdy

Before shopping for drawer organizers, take inventory of what you already have on hand. Many times there is already something that will work for you, so you might not need to run out and buy anything. If that’s not an option, measure your drawers and check product dimensions before making a purchase. The last thing you want is to buy an organizer that doesn’t fit or falls out of place after a few openings and closings. You don’t want things sliding around while they are in storage either; be sure they are securely attached so they won’t move during transport or use. In addition, test it out!

Lock Them Up

You’ve heard it before: The most effective way to stay organized is by utilizing a system of drawers, cabinets and hooks. This is especially important when it comes to clothing—but if you don’t want your wardrobe looking like an explosion in a European lingerie factory, there are a few other things you can do. First and foremost, remember that where you keep your clothes makes a difference. For example, if you fold them on shelves with ample room around each garment, it’s easier to find what you need without disrupting anything else (one of my own cardinal rules). Even better: Add colored stickers or flags so that once everything has been folded up neatly, you have an easy-to-follow system for putting items back in their proper place.

Stack Them with Dividers

Drawers are great for storing your folded clothes, but if you’re looking for an easy way to store more without taking up more space, consider stacking them with dividers. These specially designed products add just enough space between drawers that you can comfortably stack items on top of each other—no bowing of hangers necessary. If you like clothing sorted by category, consider a simple combination unit with two drawers and two open shelves. You could use one shelf for socks and underwear and another for shirts, sweaters and pants. You might even be able to squeeze in a few pairs of shoes or purses depending on what size unit you choose.

Label the Inside

As with any other set of drawers, start by labeling each drawer with a piece of tape and a marker. These labels should not be anything fancy; all they need to tell you is what clothes are in which drawer. Even if your clothing is organized by type or color, it’s important that each piece has its own space within a drawer—this way you’ll never have to question where something belongs. If you can’t fit everything into one-drawer, create multiple compartments in another one and label accordingly. No matter how many drawers you have, it’s always best practice to put things away as soon as possible—or else risk ending up with a pile of dirty laundry on your bed.

Add Pull-Out Shelves

It’s important to stay organized when you’re in a small space, which means being smart about how you use every square inch of space. Add pull-out shelves, which are especially helpful for bulky items like sweaters or winter coats. They also keep things at eye level so you can see what you need and grab it quickly.

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