indian’s wear saree

Why Indian’s wear Saree?

A saree is an “Abhushan” for every Indian women it show the dignity and the importance of our culture in our daily life. Saree is considered as the traditional ethnic wear and worn in every part of the country with different style in different parts of the company. The concept of saree is not famous in India only it is also famous in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan although western countries are also adapting our culture and dresses and they are very interested to learn new things.  

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or a business meeting a saree would do justice with every occasion. The concept of wearing the saree is not new it’s around 5,000 years old and was one of the oldest concepts of clothes in the world. It is also mentioned in The Vedas the oldest literature composed by mankind. The concept of saree was also seen In the Indus valley civilization which shows how old it is.  

What is Paithani saree? 

It is a kind of saree that is famous for the silk work on it. Paithani silk saree is a very unique kind of saree in itself famous for his hand work of silk, zari pallu and border. This saree is also different because of his unique weaving technique because all this process of dying it is also done by hands. This also makes these saree very costly in comparison to the other ones. 

 Paithani saree is very precious saree that comes from generations the origin of Paithani saree started from satvahana dynasty that existed around 2nd Century B.C. to 2nd Century A.D. Since its place of origin was Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. So the name of the saree is set as Paithani saree. 

 What is kanjivaram saree?

Kanjivaram saree is one of its own kinds it is one of the most famous kind of saree not only in India but the market of these saree is all over the world. This type of saree is handcrafted and famous for its durability and for its fabric as the saree is made of three Silk threads twisted together with the silver wire it becomes more durable. Usually, a Kanjivaram saree can be as heavy as 2 kilos. 

These saree are made in a small district of kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. The famous Kanjivaram saree weave goes back 400 years. It was during the reign of Krishna Devaraya (from the Vijayanagara Empire) if you also want kanjivaram saree online you can visit our page “TYAAR”. 

How to identify whether kanjivaram is original or not?

Check the color palette

To identify whether the kanjivaram is original or not you have to check the color of saree. Generally the kanjivaram saree is to striking in color. The saree that does not have this type of striking color is probably fake. 

Silk hallmark

One should always check the hallmark of silk on saree before buying it because hallmarks give you the guaranty that the product is original.

The weaving pattern

If you are going to buy the kanjivaram saree than you always check the weaving pattern of the saree entail wrap and weft textile weaving pattern. On the back side you can see many threads that show it was handcrafted. 


TYAAR India famous for its ethnic fashion and jewellery. TYAAR was founded by Rajat Malhotra and Parul Chhabra in the year 2020. As the founder is coming from background of textile business they are willing to start the business of saree. Although they started saree business in 2020 but they were in the textile business since 1947. 

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