blouse vs shirt for women

Blouse Vs. Shirt For Women: What To Choose?

First, we will ask ourselves what the difference is. A blouse is defined as an open feminine garment, similar to a shirt, worn by women and children, which covers the upper part of the body. In contrast, the same body refers to the “shirt” as a garment that provides coverage to the torso, buttoned at the front, with a collar and sleeves.

So, we can say that the blouse, in principle, is not as open as the shirt. This usually has a pressed-down collar and buttons. This characteristic is not always present in blouses, whose necks are usually triangular. In short, we will refer to blouses in a more ambiguous way, made with lighter materials, and vertical openings.

These definitions and differences allow us to establish different types of blouses, to choose from:

1.- Daily use

In this case, it is clothing for the workplace or formal meetings. There are also some sporty or casual style alternatives. The models and materials of clothing are very varied, for example, printed chiffon fabrics, the use of pastel tones, contrasts of warm and cold colours, etc.

2.- Classic

They easily adapt to parties and events of all kinds, romantic dates, walks, etc. You can also find designs with folds, embroidery, combinations with lace, etc. The most common materials in classic blouses are terylene, silk or chiffon.

3.- Elegant

They are characterized by a solemn, original and complex design. It’s clothing usually considers velvet, lace, taffeta and brocade. The decorative elements stand out, especially the ruffles.

As you can see all these definitions can sometimes be somewhat confusing, even for experts. So, how to decide when choosing the most appropriate wardrobe? Albeli offer some advice that can be helpful to you in this article.

Tips for choosing blouses or shirts for women

Choosing the garment that best suits each moment may require you to consider some of these points that will make you shine:

Weather, fabric, event,

For example, the option of long or short sleeve shirts is directly linked to the characteristics of the weather of the day. A modern and elegant option is the oversize shirts made of linen. They are an excellent combination to wear with skirts or pants.

You can also find casual designs, made of lighter fabrics, and shortcuts. These are perfect to wear outside the pants or skirt. Or a combination of half a shirt outside and half inside.

A highlight of VOGUE’s recommendations is the use of long-sleeved shirts with black pants. Experts also suggest not wearing shorts with linen items. A good partner for shirts in this material are shorts made of fluid material.

In the case of blouses, the selection will also be conditioned by the type of event you will attend. For example, if it is about work meetings or a party (it will be necessary to consider what type of party). In the case of daily office days, a good option is blouses made of linen. They are excellent allies of palazzo or culotte-style pants. The most appropriate shoe on these occasions is usually without heels or a low heel, not very high.

Whereas, if the occasion is a party, you can wear a fitted linen blouse. It goes perfectly with short skirts above the knee, heels or sandals. Here the weather will also be conditioning the outfit, if the night is cold you can wear it with coats contrasting the tones and textures of the fabrics. In this aspect, you can consider the use of simple jackets, without decorations. Depending on the ambient temperature, the material may be leather, linen or gabardine.

A point that stands out for the blouses is the possibility of creating innumerable combinations. They are good allies for all kinds of skirts, but you must take care not to use fitted tops and pencil skirts as they do not look too harmonious in sight.

At all times, you must verify that the patterns look harmonious in the colour combinations. Some good alternatives are warm and cool, solid/patterned, white/black, and many more. Let your imagination run wild and you will look sensational in all your events.

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