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An Interesting Guide To Coloured Contact Lenses

Want to change your eye colour to something beautiful? Or capture the attention of people standing nearby? Then believe this, coloured contact lenses are the perfect fit for you. People are going crazy for these lenses, after all, they are a perfect upgrade on all the other cosmetic products. These cosmetic lenses are really something.

So, we thought today, that we give you a brief guide as to what coloured contact lenses really are, how you can use them and also answer some questions regarding the safety associated with coloured contact lenses. The first part is about how you can purchase these lenses.


Coloured contact lenses are medical devices and when you are buying them it is important that you consider the medical part of theses coloured lenses along with the lifestyle part.

Wondering why is that? Well, we mentioned that they are medical devices and you have to be careful with medical products. Any carelessness can result in eye damage.

That is why it is very important that you buy only quality coloured contact from highly renowned and respectable stores, whether physical stores or online ecommerce portals. You cannot afford to purchase low quality lenses. 

Before purchasing do your research on the types of coloured lenses and what colour would suit your eyes. This way you will get the right contact lenses and you wouldn’t need to exchange or refund your contact lenses.


Below are some of the important methods to cleaning and safely using coloured contact lenses

  • Clean the lenses properly with solution. Maintaining hygiene is very important and doing it right is more so. Make sure you are using the disinfectant solution that came with your coloured contact lenses. Use that and nothing else otherwise your contact lenses may get contaminated. 
  • Water and homemade solutions are dangerous. Water is not supposed to be used to clean coloured contact lenses. Water has micro-organisms and that can contaminate the lenses. Similarly homemade solutions are made with unknown chemicals and you do not know how these chemicals will react with your coloured contact lenses. All you can do is use the solution that came with lenses to clean.
  • Never share your coloured contact lenses. Again, coloured contact lenses are medical devices and you need to be absolutely sure that you do not share your lenses with anyone, friend or family. Sharing of coloured lenses usually results in transmission of eye diseases from one person to another. Just like you cannot share your toothbrush you cannot share your coloured contact lenses with anyone.
  • Learn How to wear your coloured lenses. this is not much of a task, if you ask any coloured contact lenses user. But for those who are new to them, must learn how they can wear contact lenses and how they must take them off. Being careless can damage your lenses and then you may not be able to use them. Watch videos and learn from experienced persons so you can get the hang of it.


When you have decided to use coloured contact lenses, you must know what type to buy. Of course, there are so many different types for different purposes and it is imperative that you know about them before so you can use the right type of lenses according to your mood.

  • Coloured Tints – Coloured lenses have coloured tints on them that changes the eye colour once they settle on the eyes. There are two major types of tints, the enhancement tints and opaque tints. Both are used for different purposes. Enhancement tints are translucent and they blend in with the eye colour to enhance the colours. Opaque tints on the other hand are solid tints and they change the eye colour to whatever colour contacts you wear.
  • Disposable coloured lenses – Then we have different types of disposable coloured lenses. First, we have the daily disposable lenses that can only be used once. But they have their benefits such as you do not need to clean them and every time you use a fresh pair so they are perfectly healthy for your eyes. 

Then you have the weekly and monthly disposable coloured contact lenses. These lenses can be used for a week or a month and after that you need to discard them. But, unlike the daily disposable coloured lenses you need to care for them and maintain them properly.

Lastly, we have the extended contact lenses that can be used for 3 months or more continuously. Again, you have to care for them properly but you can wear them while you sleep unlike the other disposable types. 

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