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HealthPally talks on Myths and Facts about Nail Polish

In the past, I don’t care much about my nails, but now, I attach great importance to well-cared hands and nails.

After all, our hands are basically like a business card that can tell a lot about us.

In today’s post here, I share with you what you need to know about nail polish.

Nail polish is used mostly by women, to make their fingernails shine and look good to people.

There are myths about the use of nail polish and I’ll be providing answers to some of the common questions about nail polish.

Does Nail Polish Harm?

Opinions are divided on this question. Some claim that nail polish prevents the nail from drying out and protects it from external environmental influences such as cleaning agents or other chemicals.

Others, however, are of the opinion that the frequent application of nail polish discolor the nails yellowish, as no air can get to them.

It has also been proven that some nail polishes contain carcinogenic pollutants or allergy-causing additives.

However, if you use nail polish in moderation from quality-tested, certified natural cosmetics, there is no risk to the health of the nails.

Correctly Remove Nail Polish

When removing nail polish, it is important to always remove the polish from the nail bed up to the nail tip and not the other way around.

Otherwise, residues of the varnish can get under the cuticles and cause inflammation.

In addition, you should always remove nail polish with the window open. This way, the vapors from the solvents are better drawn off.

It is also advisable to work in a small area. This means that you should really only use nail polish remover on the nail and avoid the surrounding skin.

Is there a Gentle Nail Polish Remover?

It is known that nail polish removers containing acetone damage the nails.

But even acetone-free removers are not effective products. They all contain solvents that degrease the nail and skin.

It is therefore advisable to always rub your hands with a greasy cream after removing the nail polish.

How Best to Store Nail Polish

To prevent nail polish from drying out, it should be closed tightly after use. However, it is important to clean the closure well, otherwise, it can stick and be difficult to open.

Dark and cool rooms are suitable as storage locations. But this does not mean the refrigerator! There the paint cools down too much, becomes viscous, and splinters again early.

What to do if the Nail Polish Seal is Stuck?

If the thread or the closure of nail polish is stuck, you can hold it under running hot water.

Then it can be opened again easily. It is of course better to clean the closure with nail polish remover after each use.

What Helps with Thick Nail Polish?

Nail polish that has become thick can be liquefied again with a lacquer thinner. Mixing in low-viscosity clear lacquer can also bring the nail polish back into a liquid state.

In no case is nail polish remover suitable for this, as it destroys the structure of the lacquer and thus significantly reduces the quality.

Use the Correct Nail Polish

Nail polish with acetone removes moisture from the fingernails.

When buying, make sure that the paint in the dream color does not rely on this ingredient.

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