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What does it take to develop a top-notch on-demand beauty salon app?

The demand for beauty and skincare regimes are growing with every passing day. The skincare regimes are aided by the latest technology that has propelled the growth of the on-demand beauty salon app sector. The skincare industry is currently leading the market by contributing to 39% to the global market value. With the trends going on mobile apps, people prefer services through mobile apps against regular services.

Trends related to the beauty sector

  • The US is currently leading the beauty services industry, contributing to a 20% share followed closely by China and Japan with 13% and 8% share, respectively towards the global market.
  • With more than 7% to 8% of the annual growth rate, the market for beauty services will reach $800 billion by 2025.

The customers are pillars of support for any on-demand service app; therefore, you can retain your customers effectively by adopting these exclusive techniques.

Techniques to follow to retain customers in your beauty app

In the case of the on-demand service sectors, customer trust plays a significant role in user engagement and retention.

Marketing techniques: In the initial stages, the app’s objective is to bring in more customers to the app. Being a newbie in the market, people may not be familiar with the on-demand beauty service app. Promotion through content marketing is said to be far more effective than regular promotional techniques.

Content marketing is a digital marketing activity, wherein you post informative content related to the beauty regimes. The probability of customers wanting to try out the beauty trend is high when they read about the latest trends on the Internet.

 Another equally successful strategy is to promote the app on social media channels. A survey shows that 77% of the millennials use Facebook daily, followed by Instagram, with 70% of teen users.

Meeting Customer expectations: When it comes to the beauty service app, customers look for the best services. The services offered mustn’t be any less than salon amenities. Companies can follow a standard training program for the employees so that all beauticians are well-trained in the beauty regimes offered. One of the simple ways to promote a brand is offering uniforms to beauty staff. UrbanClap asks employees to upload a selfie with their uniform every time they attend to the customer. The same can be followed to maintain professionalism in apps’ services.

Be accessible: Customers should have proper communication channels to connect with beauticians and apps executives. Customers’ feedback must be regularly addressed to satisfy their demands.

The team should be proactive and take note of customer visits. If customers have not used apps services for a while, then reach out to them by offering discounts, coupons, and attractive deals in preferred services.

Personalized services: People will prefer the app even more if it suits their requirements, so refine the app’s service list according to the targeted customers and current market trends. Depending on the users’ search history and previous transactions, offer relevant suggestions to users.

Customers advisory board: Loyal customers are more likely to voice their opinion about the app experience. Collect testimonials from your customers, and make it part of your app. Customers trust fellow users’ choices more than anything so this will definitely increase the apps’ revenue.

According to Conversational statistics, loyal customers spend three times more on purchases than other customers. It is important to offer exclusive benefits to these customers in order to retain them.

Best practices to follow during the development of on-demand beauty app

Though there are several on-demand beauty apps available, only a few tend to capture audience attention. In order to be one among them, there is a need for a thorough app development approach.

Conduct research: Several significant apps offer beauty service. Have an innovative approach in booking services through apps. For instance, have a gallery of trending hairstyles, makeup routines, and manicures, so users can select the image they like and instantly book the service. Celebrities’ images with those styles will act as an added advantage for luring more customers.

Choose your platforms: There are two stages in selecting the platform: first involves choosing the development method such as native, hybrid, or HTML, and second is selecting the platform iOS and Android.

Native platforms would be a great choice if you’re planning to deploy your app in a single platform Google Play Store or iOS App Store. On the other hand, if the app is going to be launched on both platforms, it is better to opt for a hybrid development method. As it is less expensive, and the app could be effectively made compatible with both platform needs through the hybrid platform.

As for the deployment platform, choose one based on the current users count. The app should be at the reach of many users. So depending upon that, choose the deployment platform.

Security: It seems a major concern nowadays. Apps offer two-factor authentication during the payment and also encourage in-app wallet payment options to tackle security issues. Spa and salon app development must be built with an efficient encryption algorithm to protect the data stored. 

Design aspects: The first impression of the app is set based on the app’s design. The three main elements to focus while designing the app are

  • Navigation: Users should be easily moved across the app without any hassles. 
  • Simplicity: Starting from registration to booking services, the entire process of the app must be simple.
  • Speed: There must not be any latency or lack of responsiveness while using apps services.

Test the app: Users will reject the app without any second thoughts if it has glitches. So it is crucial to make sure that the app doesn’t have any software bugs. The development team and the testing team must work hand-in-hand to resolve all the app issues. Only when the apps clear all the tests the application should be released.


Building a successful on-demand beauty service app requires skill and an innovative approach. It is always better to have an expert team by your side for both app development and deployment. Approach the best company to assist you with your online business, and rest assured the path has been laid for victory.

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