Statement rings


Statement rings

Everyone knows how women are passionate about jewellery and ornament. No matter, whether they are of any expensive metal or artificial jewellery. It not only represents their feminity but status also. Earlier women used to wear traditional. But as we know that we living in 21th century, revolution can be seen in every aspect of life. It has also influence the way of wearing jeweler. Now different kind of jewellery is available. But the jewellery which modern women like the most is called statement jewellery

What is the meaning of statement jewellery

Statement jewellery distinguishes women form other. It allows expressing. Design of statement jewellery is unique and bold .There are four types of statement jewellery

Statement rings

Statement earrings

Statement bracelet

Statement necklaces

Among all statement rings are in trend

Meaning of statement rings

Statement rings are of very unique design which has deep meaning and only bold and confident lady can wear this. Mostly, they are big stone rings with different colours options. Nowadays, it is fashion to wear and flaunt . 

What statement rings represent

Every statement ring has its own and different way of wearing .women who wears statement rings .it represents what kind of personality she has. For her no matter designs are intricate or simple. They directly connected with wearer as well as allow them to express differently

Is there any specific way to wear statement rings?

It is little bit awkward to say. YES, there is specific manner in which statement rings are worn. Traditionally statement rings should be worn in ring or middle finger. Because it is said if you wear more than one ring then it diverts the energy of person. No restriction can stop a woman. Modern woman wears it as they want to with their matching attire.

Types of statement rings

As per their design and size statement rings can be divided into basically   two parts

Minimalistic statement rings

  • Elaborate statement rings

Minimalistic statement rings

These rings are considered very elegant and simple as well .woman and girls can wear them in their daily routine without waiting any occasion or festival

Types of Minimalistic statement rings

1.1 Gold polished jhaali rings

This is basically a handcrafted rings which can be worn with Indian and western outfit. It creates

Special charm when a girl teems up with light color like White

1.2 Blister pearl rings

Blister pearl rings are very beautiful and attractive basically these rings are in hemispherical shape with plane back. Pearls are grown against the inside of oyster’s shell. Mostly, women prefer to wear them at event or any marriage

1.3 Chinese blue stone ring

These rings have their own charms .no one can ignore the person who has worn this ring. As every girl knows that blue perfectly goes with either goes with black or blue itself. It creates unique charm to personality of a lady

1.4 Agate with pearls

There is no one the earth who does not know, that the favorite colour of women is pink Basically these rings represent the identity and existence of women. This ring contains pink stone surrounded by pearls. Mostly women from small town like to wear this

1.5 Black wired glass stone ring

This ring is perfect for those moment in which you want to look different but do not want to stud with heavily ornaments then diffently this ring has been made for you. This is gold polished ring which is perfect for day time function and elegant as well

2 Elaborate statement ring design

Use of these rings is different from minimalistic because these rings are meant of special occasion in right words we can say that they represent term of modern women

These rings are also subdivided into different categories

2.1 Raw drusy ring in gold

If you have love for nature then this ring is made for you. It is in the shape of butterfly and drusy stone with golden butterfly this can be worn with Indo and western dress

2.2 Gold polished brass ring with pink   stone 

This is perfect for those functions takes before marriage like pre wedding, sangeet etc. Size of this is big as compare to  other rings so wear this and get ready to receive comment. They can be carried with any kind of attire

2.3 Red stone with gold polished leaves red stone

Main feature of this ring is its red color stone surrounded with leaves. It goes well with wedding dress and adds extra attraction in the look of a bridal

2.4 Drusy cavity coated stone zircons

Design of this is different from other. There would be nothing wrong if we say unique personality can carry this .it amps up with gown and saree both

Why to buy statement rings

Statement rings add essence and grace to the personality of a woman. No matter whatever personality a woman has .They suit to everyone from school going girl to working women and they offer many option to college going girls to working women. E Everyone has something to find. They represent simplicity and elegance; draw everybody’s attention towards you.

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