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5 Important Things to Remember Before Buying Designer Saree for Wedding

No doubt, designer sarees are just beautiful! And for Indian women, it is the attire that helps in representing their best, traditional style. Be it wedding occasions, family celebrations, festivals or even cocktail parties, women like to flaunt one of their favourite sarees. 

For some, saree is like a passion and why not, after all they represent the Indian heritage beautifully woven into an elegant article of clothing. Honestly speaking, if I were to use an attire to define a specific culture, it would definitely be this stunning piece of clothing: Saree!!!!! 

Over the years, however, it has evolved from everyday garment to a more fascinating occasion wear like silk sarees for women all around India and across the globe too (as even the Hollywood celebrities have been adorning this six yards of elegance during red carpet events). And do you know what a step ahead of a casual saree is? An amazingly striking designer saree! These are making waves as striking fashion statement!

However there are a few important things to remember before you make a purchase, hereby, we have curated some tips to choose designer sarees and maintain them!

Let’s take a look.

Learn to Distinguish Between an Original Designer Saree & a Fake One

It is actually quite a difficult task to understand the difference between a fake and real designer saree, hence you have to be very sure before you invest in an expansive designer saree. Obviously if you buy it directly from a prestigious designer, who sell their own brand then the saree will of course be authentic.

The problem actually occurs when you buy a saree from an agent. And the best way here to identify the authenticity is to find out whether the agent is an authorised dealer of the mentioned designer outfits or not.

Find Information About The Seller

Buying a designer saree from a reputable designer themselves is easy. However the risk can be high while buying a designer piece from resellers. Today there are plenty of shops available both virtual and traditional who sell fake ones at considerably high rates.

Hence, it is very much important to know the authenticity and history of the seller. The best way to do so is to read reviews about the Vendor.

Order The Saree in Advance

You must have all your wedding sarees with you well before time to cumulate the accessories you would match them and of course you don’t wanna get upset about not getting one in time as the making and delivery of designer sarees takes time.

Sometimes it even takes months to complete the order, hence it is our definite recommendation to order your designer saree in advance. You always have the option of consulting with the designer about the approximate time it will take to design and deliver the same.

Check The Quality

Purchasing a designer saree is not just about the colour or the designer you buy it from. It is in fact also about the quality and the fabric used to make it. Hence, be very careful about the fabric quality and work done on it.

If you find even a tiny tear or observe something that indicates about the poor quality, do not invest in it. Never let the poor quality of fabric ruin your experience of having a designer saree.

Never Forget to Check The Return Policy

Last but quite important, if you have chosen an online platform to buy a designer saree, make sure you have clearly understood the return policy.
While purchasing designer sarees online it sometimes happen that the actual product does not meet up your expectations and look-feel completely different from what you wanted. Hence, select a platform that is authentic and has good return policy.

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