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6 Trendy Men’s Printed Shirt Patterns To Try In 2022

Do you know of a trend that never dies? The answer is -men’s printed shirts! Seriously. They are as comfy as they are cool. And, they live up to every casual occasion there is. Got a road trip to be on or a backyard picnic to host? Awesome printed shirts will always come to your rescue.

This men’s clothing has also become famous in semi-formal settings. Small gatherings with family serve as a good place to try and wear your favourite printed shirt, also giving you the chance to flaunt an evergreen trend.

We’ve elaborated enough on how trendy they are. But, do you specifically know the best branded men’s shirts online you need to try out? If don’t. Read on to discover.

6 Trendy Men’s Printed Shirt Patterns To Try In 2022

We’ll tell you.

1. Khakhi Elephant Block Print Men’s Shirt

Block printing is an age-old textile technique that gives garments an enchanting look.

Blocks dipped in coloured dye are pressed onto fabric to create diverse patterns and designs.

And, our elephant print shirt has been made using the same technique. It’s a bestselling cotton shirt that you can don every day or set aside for a special, semi-formal event as well.

2. Burgundy Leaf Print Men’s Shirt

Yes, printed shirts are indeed available in many patterns and at affordable prices.

But, you know what they say – new year, new YOU.

This is the right time to bring out and show off leaf patterns on your printed shirts. They are meant to ooze a calming and collected vibe.

The burgundy shirt displayed here has been thoughtfully crafted from crepe material. This detail assures that it will be a trendy and comfortable piece of men’s clothing!

3. White Lion Embroidered Giza Cotton Shirt

Even minimal patterns have a way of reigning supreme in the year 2022.

Next time you spot a shirt with fewer patterns on it, grab it and run to the checkout section.

And, if you don’t – please invest in this lion embroidered shirt for men ASAP.

This amazingly affordable men’s printed shirt has been made from the most breathable cotton and will keep you comfortable from 9 to 5 and beyond.

4. Yellow Jaipuri Printed Cotton Shirt

It’s always good to wear a piece of men’s clothing that has been inspired by something or someplace.

So, a men’s printed shirt that is reminiscent of the Pink City and all the hand block printing that is infamous there would be a good place to start.

PS: this cotton printed shirt is available to shop at great discounts.

5. Stripes Crepe Shirt

This crepe shirt has stripes running from top to bottom – giving it a classy and sophisticated look.

This is a men’s shirt pattern that has caught on once again. And, we recommend striking while the iron is still hot.

This is one of the bestsellers among our cache of men’s crepe printed shirts. And, it could be yours quickly since you’re just one click away from buying it.

6. Gulaab Printed Men’s Shirt

This printed shirt is dedicated to all the romantic men out there!

In case Valentine’s Day is approaching or you have a date planned, this crepe shirt for men will steal her heart.

It is soft and gives you enough room to style it however you want it.

The roses are neither loud nor underwhelming. Their print on this shirt is subtle and smart.


Men’s printed shirts will be many, both online and offline. But, we suggest going for the not-so-obvious patterns that will elevate your style instantly.

It is always our wish that you keep experimenting with men’s fashion and especially with these printed shirts that give you infinite opportunities to wear them creatively. 

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