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4 Major Trends in the World of Beauty

We all enjoy looking out of the box and complimented for special occasions. This leads us to visit a beautician.

Beauty Services – Are They Accessible to All

Until present times, the beauty services were mostly reserved for rich and influential.

Today though, the services are available for everyone, irrespective of their social status.

Also, it is a very flourishing and profitable market to say the least and is going to bring more money in years to come.

Profitable Future of Beauty Industry

According to reports, the beauty industry has gone on to become a 532 billion dollar market that is predicted to grow at a CAGR of five to seven percent. Also, industry will bring revenue close to 800 billion dollars by 2025. 

So, the question worth asking is what are the revolutionary trends in beauty industry that have helped it achieve such high numbers, after all? 

Well, to answer the same, we have listed the major revolutionary trends in the beauty industry below. 

Revolutionary Trends in Beauty Industry


Artificial Intelligence 

This is the first trend to have taken the world of beauty by storm. The beauty industry makes use of methods like artificial intelligence in order to provide a personalized experience to the customers. The customer simply needs to answer a few questions. As soon as they complete this step, they are provided with range of products matching requirements and choose the appropriate one. This is actually a very revolutionary trend that has shaken the beauty market revolutionarily.


Virtual Try-On Apps 

This is the second revolutionary trend to have taken the beauty industry and customers by awe. It utilizes software like image recognition and face tracking to help customers locate the cosmetics appropriate for their skin.


On-Demand Beauty Services 

Today since people all over the world have a busy and hectic life, it becomes difficult for them to visit a beautician.

Thus to help receive beauty services at comfort of their house, the on demand beauty services have entered. The app helps connect customers with beauticians nearby.

Since fast services are in vogue, the on-demand beauty services have become a raging fire today.


Smart Skincare Tools 

Finally, a revolutionary trend to have helped the customers at large to take care of their skin and protect it is the smart skincare tools that assist them in detecting their wrinkles, pores, fine lines, etc. and take appropriate actions, the smart skincare tools is the fourth revolutionary trend in the beauty industry to have taken the industry revolutionarily by storm.

Concluding Notes for New Beauty Industry Owners

Concluding, these revolutionary trends have gone on to make the beauty industry become a 800 billion dollar valued market and an industry that would gain maximum customers and profits in the years to come. 

Also, you should make sure to adopt these revolutionary trends in your beauty industry today. These will promise to make enormous profits for you and revolutionize your industry services tremendously. These trends will also make sure that more customers come to you and you alone.

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