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How to pick the most fashionable custom outfit for your anniversary

Choosing an outfit for your wedding anniversary depends on several factors. These include gender, color, design, fashion, time, and venue of such celebrations. Do you intend to hold the anniversary at your place or hotel? 

No matter the selection, you must appear neat, stylish, and well-groomed on this occasion. You may opt for ready-made outfits or custom solutions. However, custom outfits are the best pick since you get to choose your own design depending on your preference. The custom weekend is a company that makes custom clothes that meets the needs of a wide client base. Here, you’ll find a wide range of fashionable clothes for any occasion.

In this article, we highlight the tips when picking the most fashionable custom outfit for your wedding anniversary read on.

Decide on whether you need a formal or casual wear

Whether in formal or informal clothes, you still require accessories to make you look beautiful and well organized. Such accessories include bow ties for men, shoes for both of you, necklaces, neck chains, bracelets, and earrings for a lady. You may complement your occasion with a theme color that you can use in invitation cards for your guests to have a clue of the color for the occasion.  

The choice of accessories will go hand in hand with the type of outfit, depending on whether you need formal or casual custom wear.

Planning and budget

Planning a wedding anniversary should be a duty for both partners. On most occasions, men have been providing finances leaving everything else to their spouses to decide. It’s sweet to choose your wear together than leaving the lady to choose the best shirt, suit, shoes, and accessories only to criticize her choice on that big day. This will dampen the mood and spirit of the occasion for the simple reason you didn’t participate in the selection. Your wedding anniversary should appear beautiful, well planned, and it’s a chance to celebrate memories of your life together and all the achievements that come with your union.  

How should you dress on this occasion?  

Formal wear 

The shade of the custom suit should match with your spouse’s elegant and fashionable outfit. It should also match with accessories. Wear simple but appear smart and move with fashion. A formal occasion would require a dinner jacket, a suit or tuxedos, a long cocktail dress for a lady if it’s a dinner anniversary.  

Formal custom dress shirts look classic. It can be in a suit or to match with trousers and to cap it all match it with some accessories to break the monotony. Accessories add elegance to the wear, and even a cheap outfit, when worn with classic accessories, would appear expensive.   

A good elegant, stylish shoe will enhance your look for this important occasion. Consider monk straps shoes to spruce up your dressing, bearing in mind whatever dressing you choose it has to match with the taste of your partner. Avoid crashing colors, which will end up making your occasion dull and lifeless.

Casual dressing  

If you prefer casual wear, look for the wear that’s trending for such occasion. The design and material that is popular these days is denim a piece of fabric for jeanswear. It’s comfortable as it’s made of 100% cotton. 

The trend today is more relaxed jeans, which is slightly wider than the tight-fitting jeans. This outfit will make you look casually decent when worn together with a plain black or white T-shirt. It’s stylish and fit for the wedding anniversary occasion.  

A flowered custom shirt, plain T-shirt, or a checked shirt are nowadays trendy, and you may consider wearing them casually during your wedding anniversary.  

What is the best casual wear for a lady on her wedding anniversary?

To share memories of your union with your partner, you ought to appear as beautiful as ever. Besides the ups and downs of married life, make your guests understand that your union and love is growing stronger every day. 

It is strongest, just like when you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. Good grooming, fashionable, and stylish wear will complete the picture.  

Here are some of the clothes you may consider for your wedding anniversary; a casual laced midi dress with heeled open shoes, blazer and black pants with heeled shoes, laces camisole with skirt and pump shoes, a short floral dress with flat shoes or a crop top worn with high rise jeans and pump shoes. These are just some of the outfits suitable for anniversary wedding events. 

Ladies are very specific when it comes to color choices. While choosing a dress for every occasion, choose something in which you feel comfortable and which will satisfy your needs. Men are not very keen on colors, and most of them would not mind which color you choose. It’s your best chance to select what is most presentable to your eyes and to your guests too.   

Would you like your guests to grace the occasion in your theme color? If so, mention it in the invitation cards. It appears well organized and beautiful if the occasion does not appear in a multiplicity of color shades. The dress code is an essential factor, whether formal or casual. It enables your guests to choose the right dress code.   


Anniversaries just like wedding occasions are equally important. This is the occasion when you, as a couple, renew your commitments towards each other and prove to your friends the wedding fire is still burning between you. It’s a memorable occasion and should be accorded the glamour and pomp it deserves. 

Dress properly and live on the occasion. Wear fashionable and elegantly in a comfortable outfit as you celebrate the anniversary. Any anniversary has its own meaning; for instance, a silver anniversary will never be a golden anniversary and vice versa. 

Celebrate each anniversary wedding ceremony in a unique way that will remain forever memorable in your heart. Look beautify and youngish on each occasion you celebrate while bearing in mind the occasion is not for one partner but both of you.       

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