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Types of Brogue Shoes for Men & Styling Tips

Similar in appearance to brown oxford shoes and derbies, Brogue Shoes for men are among the most fashionable mens leather shoes and have become a staple in men’s closets. These mens leather shoes have intriguing variations that can add personality and charm to any formal men’s apparel.

This post aims to assist you with different types of Brogue Shoes and instruct you with some styling tips on how to pair these mens leather shoes with outfits.

Type of Brogue Shoes

There are two types of Brogue Shoes: the open-laced Derby shoes and the closed-laced brown oxford shoes. Another way to classify brogues is according to the many perforations these mens leather shoes have. 

1. Full Brogue Shoes

The full brogue shoes have decorative extensions that resemble wings in the shape of an M or W on a perforated toe cap. These mens leather shoes belong in the closet of any stylish man since they are unique, fashionable, and adaptable like the brown oxford shoes.

2. Semi-Brogue Shoes

Compared to wingtips Brogue Shoes, Semi-Brogue Shoes are seen as more traditional. But with the appropriate styling, Semi-Brogue Shoes may appear just as fashionable. John Lobb, a shoemaker, invented Semi-Brogue Shoes in 1937, and these mens leather shoes have since been a mainstay of business casual wear. Without extensions, Semi-Brogue Shoes have toe caps with punched ornamental perforation. We recommend you purchase Semi-Brogue Shoes from barker shoes.

3. Quarter Brogue Shoes

Quarter brogue shoes are comparable to semi-brogue shoes in that they feature toe caps lacking extensions and just have broguing along the edge of the cap rather than the ornamental perforation on the toe cap.

Tips for Styling Brogue Shoes

Brogue Shoes are extremely adaptable and may be worn with anything from t-shirts and denim jeans to chinos and chambray shirts much like brown oxford shoes. These mens leather shoes can also be worn with a two-piece suit! Here are a few tips to help you dress your Brogue Shoes like a pro:

Brogue Shoes with regular pants

Match your mens leather shoes with a stylish pair of suit pants, a stylish shirt, and a tailored blazer. Choose more elegant Semi-Brogue Shoes for a more polished appearance, especially narrow ones in traditional hues like black, burgundy, or simply a pair of brown oxford shoes.

Brogue Shoes with chinos

Choose simple-colored mens leather shoes and pants, then complete the appearance with a plain shirt. Similar to brown oxford shoes the classic brown Semi-Brogue Shoes look great with light-colored chinos.

Brogue Shoes with jeans

Wear traditional Semi-Brogue Shoes or brown oxford shoes with black or very dark blue slim jeans. Add refined pieces to the outfit, such as a t-shirt, sweater, or blazer.

Final Thoughts 

Semi-Brogue Shoes, which have a traditional appearance comparable to brown oxford shoes, are a fantastic pair of mens leather shoes that are frequently subtle. However, with the appropriate styling, these mens leather shoes can also be worn outside of formal settings!


What characteristics distinguish a brogue from other mens leather shoes?

The perforated design that occurs around the lacing panel, heel, and toe box is the primary way to recognize a brogue shoe. These mens leather shoes are typically either brown oxford shoes with closed laces or Derby-style shoes with open laces.

What distinguishes brown oxford shoes from brogue footwear?

The most formal design of men’s dress shoe is the brown oxford shoes, which has closed laces and a high-shine leather finish. Brown oxford shoes and brogues might be the same or different. Broguing basically relates to the perforated shoe details, not the physical design. As a result of the additional detail, you can get brown oxford shoes that also double as a brogue.

Are semi-Brogue Shoes considered formal footwear?

As a sort of men’s dress shoe, Semi Brogue Shoes are very formal. Although intriguing and distinctive, Semi-Brogue Shoes are a little more laid-back than traditional brown oxford shoes or derby shoes due to the ornamentation. As a result, you wouldn’t wear them to black tie parties, but these mens leather shoes would be ideal for workplace attire, smart-casual outfits, and semi-formal gatherings.

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