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Why Is Chanel Bags So Costly And Where Can You Buy One For Less?

Everyone’s whining about skyrocketing price of luxury handbags. Chanel is famous for its haute couture, expensive bags, and accessories and impressive ready to wear apparels. This French fashion house has a whimsical aura which is indisputable. But all items from the brand come with a substantial price tag. Still, fashionistas across the world crave for these fashionable items. So if you have already saved to get your dreamed Chanel bag, you should know where you are investing your hard-earned money. The hefty price tag is stamped not only for the iconic Chanel logo; the reasons for it are what we are going to tell you today.  

The Quality and the Durability

Chanel bags are crafted from the most expensive materials with much care and precision. But the reasons behind Chanel’s exclusiveness and luxury don’t stop here. Chanel is the most iconic and one of the oldest fashion houses that hold the top position in the luxury fashion world until today. People who don’t belong to the fashion world are often amazed to know that Chanel uses lambskin leather to prepare their extraordinary totes. It is buttery soft and gorgeous in appearance. It is one of the most sophisticated leathers available in the market. Apart from that Chanel uses various calfskin, deerskin, and patent leathers which you cannot get anywhere else. Chanel also uses smooth fabric and rare metals to embellish their fantastic totes.

It’ll Never Go out of Fashion

Chanel has stood the test of time. It has already proved that they are here to stay and rule the fashion industry with their style and craftsmanship. It brings the most stylish and unique range of products for fashionistas across the world. The rich heritage and luxury of Chanel have been combined with the excellent creative vision and modernization of the brand’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, to reach the top of the fashion industry. It’s a legacy that you can pass on to your next generation, and even after several years, you’ll get an excellent resale value out of it. Chanel handbags are a trend which never goes out of style. This accomplished vision, brand’s heritage and ever-growing fame shouts I am the best and demands a high price.

Its Durability and Functionality

Each Chanel bag has to pass a series of stringent quality control tests. The durability of Chanel handbags and accessories is incredible. When it comes to a Chanel bag, the accomplished designers of the brand put extra attention to its stitching and design. If you buy a Chanel once, it will be your lifelong companion. At the same time, Chanel bags are highly functional. The specialty of Chanel bag is that it’s not too bulky. You can carry them quite comfortably. So the excellent durability and the superb functionality add to the already hefty price tag.

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