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Fashion Forecast: Predicting Trends For The Upcoming Season

There is a thing about fashion – It never stays the same. Trends come and go every season and staying up-to-date with these trends is something that we all seek. After all, no one wants to stay behind the curve. We all eagerly wait to put something new into our wardrobes every now and then. There is no better way of self-expression than fashion.

The clothes that you wear can breathe life into your personality. If you like to stay updated with the top trends in the world of fashion, this article is just for you! Here, we will provide you with a fashion forecast to help you predict the trends for the upcoming season.

Trends That Will Shape Your Wardrobe In The Coming Months

The below-mentioned are a few trends that you can look forward to in the months ahead.

1. Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is the new trend and it’s sure to stay in for a long time to come! In recent years, sustainability has emerged as a defining ethos in the fashion industry. This trend has challenged brands to ponder upon their production methods. It encourages the big brands to consider environmental benefits. After all, there is a big role of the environment in the beauty industry. In the coming years, you will see an increase in eco-friendly initiatives among different brands.

Even today, many brands focus on producing their clothes with organic materials, recycled fabrics, and ethical practices. For example, instead of using animal skin for leather production, we can see a shift to chic vegan leather. Sustainable fashion is made from regenerated fibres. It allows you to make a responsible choice while also maintaining a stylish statement of intent.

2. 70’s, 80’s And 90’s Inspired Trend

You must have heard that fashion repeats itself. Fashion has a penchant for revisiting the past. The upcoming season is no exception in this case. Even today, we can see many designers reviving the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s trends. However, designers have revived these iconic styles with a contemporary twist.

Wide-legged pants paired with crop tops and oversized blazers are a common sight today. People also wear many statement accessories that take us into the bygone eras.

3. Unisex Clothing

Society is fighting the traditional norms of gender identity. The fashion industry is constantly challenging these notions and following a more inclusive approach to design. Most brands are coming up with gender-neutral and unisex clothing options. These fashion trends are becoming increasingly popular and we can find these options in almost every person’s wardrobe.

Such options allow individuals the freedom to express themselves authentically. We can see fluid silhouettes and versatile pieces that celebrate diversity and empower individuals. It allows people to explore their style beyond limitations.

4. Vibrant Colours And Playful Prints

Gone are the days when white and black were the only two popular colours. Today, vibrant colours and playful prints are taking centre stage. These prints uplift spirits and spark joy. Expect to see neon hues and whimsical patterns that allow you to make a bold statement with your wardrobe choices.

If you want to opt for vibrant colours or playful prints, you can bring in some head-to-toe colour blocking or mix-and-match prints into your wardrobe. To stay updated with the coming trends in the fashion industry, be ready to adopt more colour and patterns into your look.

5. Minimalist Trends

Minimalism is nothing new within the fashion industry. However, the grace that minimalist fashion offers doesn’t fade away. Minimalist fashion represents simplicity and sophistication. It makes you look classy and also elegant. Most people today have a few basic items in their wardrobe.

They make different outfits from these basic clothes. Minimalist fashion is based on the belief that less is more. You can have a few basic and minimalistic types of shirts and pants in your wardrobe and still manage to look brilliant.

6. Artisanal Craftsmanship

We are living in the age of mass production and fast fashion. In such times, artisanal craftsmanship showcases the best of tradition, quality, and authenticity. The upcoming season might have the beauty of handcrafted techniques for us. We will see trends that define intricate embroidery to hand-dyed fabrics.

What’s great about this trend is that it will help in the revival of local industries. Artisanal craftsmanship is a meaningful way to infuse your wardrobe with soulful charm. It will help you build a wardrobe that will depict timeless elegance.

7. Statement Outerwear

Statement outerwear helps you define style inside out and they will definitely take centre stage in the upcoming season. Designers are always pushing the boundaries to bring something new and unique to the people.

Statement outerwear pieces depict creativity. They are functional and come in many varieties. For example, we can spot a lot of people wearing oversized puffers, dramatic capes, sculptural coats, or tailored trenches. Investing in this outwear is a surefire way to level up your style quotient for the upcoming season.

8. Virtual Fashion Experiences

Nowadays, people are also getting virtual fashion experiences at their disposal. Big brands offer online try-on experiences to customers. People are also getting access to many virtual fashion shows and augmented reality try-ons. It is also possible to opt for online styling services to understand the styles that suit them the best.

These days, digital fashion influencers on social media influencers also help you stay updated with fashion trends. You can easily explore all the latest collections from the comfort of your home. The virtual world opens a gateway to endless possibilities in the world of fashion.


The trends within the fashion industry never stay the same. Many different trends are taking centre stage and are sure to become popular among people in the upcoming season. All of the trends discussed above allow you to embrace fashion completely. By adopting the fashion trends, you can easily express your personality.

These fashion trends will allow you to stand out among others and draw the attention of others towards you. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe in the coming months, keep a note of these trends to build a versatile wardrobe.

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